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  1. Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    Yep it's the. Ark. Profile one you change.I am fairly sure it's localplayer you change it to not just local. In regards to commands check the wiki for a full list but the ones you're asking about are enablecheats first of all Then while looking at at a tribe structure you want to wipe its admincheat destroytribestructures for Dinos admincheat destroytribedinos just double check the wiki first though
  2. Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    You need to find out your steam id, then find the profile in the save file with your steam id and change the steam id number to localplayer (I can't remember if the l and p need to be capitals) As for performance it will be poor at the start, even my server was the first day or so as the dinos and structures are loaded the first time. But it did improve for us and is much better now that we are about half way through removing everyone's bases and dinos we don't want around. Oh and a word to warning if you do use the command to wipe a whole tribes structures at once you will lag hard and possibly crash your game or get dcd from your server
  3. Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    The character files are there(on pc anyway) to continue on with your character in single player you need to locate your characters file which will be your steamid.Profile.Ark or something like that and change your steam id to localplayer. If you host it on a server you will not need to change anything provided you join with the same steam account you played on.
  4. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/272921-legacy-official-pve-server-backups/
  5. Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

  6. If there was going to be anyone decent left i would too. But i thing only the griefers will be staying
  7. Im also very excited about actually being able to play the game on my own cluster now that legacy saves are being released! Because for months my options have been play on my legacy server with all the foul mouthed griefing brats that have emerged since support was removed and lose more dinos under the map.Or play on a new server where i cant even tame a dodo. Heck I might even be able to convince my friend who lost his character and in turn 2 years work and got no help to come back with the promise of proper support on my cluster. Good times ahead indeed.
  8. Ark: Aberration

    I was looking for like minded people and it appears i found some
  9. As soon as the save is out im dropping everything in my vaults and locking all my dinos inside a metal base.Im not leaving nothing for the scavengers. What do you make of their post on this?....Do you think the save will be done this weekend or was done earlier?
  10. Ark: Aberration

  11. Ark: Aberration

    Am i the only one who couldnt care less about this expansion? Doesnt do it for me....
  12. Do you have any idea when the legacy save will occur or occured if already done?
  13. 2X?

    not that i expected any more than what we got but,are you saying it was 8X for 24 hours?
  14. servers require a wild dino wipe every week or so or this happens.Use the DestroyWildDinos command