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  1. Advice on a pair of Rex's

    Yep. Neither gigas or rexes will budge while on wander with target distance set to lowest.
  2. Advice on a pair of Rex's

    Setting rexes to target distance lowest means they don't move at all when breeding. same for gigas.... Pro tip
  3. Server Password Protected

    They released the save files for active legacy pve servers a couple of months ago
  4. Server Password Protected

    https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/73134 Battlemetrics is saying it's unofficial. which would mean someone has the legacy save hosted? Try searching under unofficial and see if it shows up
  5. Server Password Protected

    What was the exact server name?
  6. so whats the point of leedsichthys?

    To troll newbies on rafts
  7. why are the saddles broken

    The way to fix this issue on a non tek server is to drop the BP.
  8. We did 10 gigas at 3x with 8 hour imprints to 100% after the fix and had about 5 hours left.
  9. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    Isn't 117 the maximum?
  10. Devs just prelonged the DEATH of ARK

    You do realise that renting a cluster with friends is an option? If a few people chip in the cost is minimal
  11. Leading causes of death in ARK?

    My last death was hopping off my wyvern before it finished its lightning attack ;)...FAIL!
  12. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    Did it have a saddle on it? If not, I am assuming there was simply enough damage done to enrage it.A non bred giga with no saddle would not be that strong. I can assure you Bred Gigas with a decent saddle are not enraging easily.Since the fix I have killed a 140 wild giga and many titans with no enrage.
  13. What is the point?

    We just had to get a giga out of being stuck in the map on our unofficial server using ghost command. I have not bought aberration and will not buy any further DLC while the original map and content remains so buggy. This is the second giga this has happened to for us, with the first happening on official a couple months back. The first one which was 100% imprinted died upon a server restart many days before wc bothered to answer our ticket. we can only be thankful that we now play unofficial and can resolve such bugs ourselves rather than waiting on the near non-existent support wc provide.
  14. Killing a wild giga?

    This is my worst giga. Was a 260 damage base,has been leveled to 500 damage.Imprinted about 80% and it is wearing a 100 armor saddle. Took down a 140 with ease. *Edit...just realised someone opened an old thread
  15. I started hosting my own cluster recently and seeing how the saves and back ups work from what i can tell if a character is lost on the most recent save you can copy it from a back up to the recent save and restart the server and its there as it was at the time of the last back up.I tried this by putting a back up of my old server on single player and deleting my character,then added the character file again and loaded the game and all was good. However this requires time and effort from WC to do.If you put in a ticket telling them what server and your steam ID they could do this and your character would be restored next server restart.But it is simply an easier option to get you to create a new character,force you into your old tribe and grant you xp,losing your imprints etc.Which is all they have done for people that i know who have lost their character. It seems they simply dont want to put in this sort of effort or dont have the staff numbers to do it.Which is quite poor service in my opinion in a game where some imprints like gigas,squids etc take so much time and effort. Get off official people,find a good unofficial cluster or start your own with a bunch of friends.