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  1. Im also very excited about actually being able to play the game on my own cluster now that legacy saves are being released! Because for months my options have been play on my legacy server with all the foul mouthed griefing brats that have emerged since support was removed and lose more dinos under the map.Or play on a new server where i cant even tame a dodo. Heck I might even be able to convince my friend who lost his character and in turn 2 years work and got no help to come back with the promise of proper support on my cluster. Good times ahead indeed.
  2. Do you have any idea when the legacy save will occur or occured if already done?
  3. @GP i was replied to in this crunch regarding legacy saves and we were told next week. Its been 2 weeks now with no mention anywhere. Is there any word on this?
  4. I play on a legacy server and am waiting for it to be deleted and save made available so I can host it myself for my friends. So today I will feed the dinosaurs and reset timers.
  5. I believed them and rented a server. Just honor your word and provide them and while youre at it release All legacy saves (pve atleast) so we can move on. Your legacy servers will empty quicker so you can delete more if you do this. There has to be more options than nitrado too as they dont have servers in regions like oceanic.
  6. You still havent released legacy saves. Does this company do anything when they say they will?
  7. Do you have a link to where they said this? Im looking for pc saves and dont intend on using nitrado
  8. Where are the server saves? You do realise people are waiting on them to continue playing dont you?
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