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  1. edskelly

    Is Ark dying ?

    I have tried pvp and I find it totally flawed. Cheating, off-line raiding, and mega tribes filling up servers so you can't even join to defend.
  2. edskelly

    Is Ark dying ?

    After playing for over a year and doing everything pve has to offer I stopped playing a few months ago. I got the save file from the server I was on and made it my single player, but apart from checking it was all working I haven't started the game once. I suppose I was just burnt out after so much breeding, 100% imprinted gigas, tusos, mosa, countless boss rexes and so on. I found myself just logging on to feed and reset and I'd finally had enough when I was going on a holiday and trying to organise having everything fed etc. No more oh wait a minute I need to feed my pixels before I head out with friends this weekend moments. It's a great game but after a while it just becomes a chore. Looking back I kinda blame wc as had they been honest about the whole wipe/no wipe thing I would of had an extended break till the new servers came out. Instead of getting into end game breeding and bosses. Which would of made starting over again much more tolerable. I would of still ended up burnt out at some stage but probably not this soon
  3. edskelly

    Alpha Dragon (Island)

    We did it a few weeks ago with a slightly less conventional method. There was only two of us. 10 rexes and 10 theris, theris were loaded with cakes. We went into the fight with the arritude of nuke it down with the rexes and once they die we will finish it off with the theris. We got it done and lost six of the rexes and one theri.
  4. edskelly

    thanks wildcard, im off

    And the point of playing on a server for those 3-4 months when you can't tame anything is?
  5. edskelly

    thanks wildcard, im off

    While they did do this on this occasion , you can't deny how difficult it is to keep up to date with everything. Things like Twitter should not be a place where any info is published first and in some cases the only place. It should always be the official forums. And regarding your previous reply, people play on Legacy for many reasons the main one being that they can actually tame stuff. Atleast half the people I know who played in early access and made the switch to new servers have quit the game due to tame capped servers. This isn't a whinge btw just stating a fact. Myself and some friends took our legacy save to unofficial to get away from all the bad management of official servers (tame cap,full servers, ticket response time, lag etc etc) and haven't looked back.
  6. edskelly

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    @Bearbrat Given how long it took to make the saves available last time I doubt that if the saves are available by the 9th that the save will be from the 8th....more likely a week or two earlier. And if the saves are indeed from the 8th I feel the 9th will be another deadline WC will not meet. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't see it happening in one day.
  7. edskelly

    Question about Kentros

    I have and received as much as 2k damage from them without the giga enraging. The enrage bar did go up a fair bit though so be careful not to kill 2 or 3 an once as they sometimes like to hang out in groups.
  8. My fully imprinted mosa and everything else just sits in the water pen. I use nothing but a squid for open water and basil for underwater caves. broken mechanics....
  9. edskelly

    New Wolf Color Scheme

    my red and black wolves look terrible now
  10. edskelly

    Whats your best Rex breed at?

    Everyone on legacy has those stats
  11. edskelly

    When is the Valentine event?

    when i played on officals there was a bug that if rates went up the timer on eggs did not change. But did incubate at a faster rate, caught me by surprise the first time it happened as stuff was hatching at 10%+. Took relogging to fix the visual bug.
  12. edskelly

    1 more veteran quiting ARK

    Im gonna describe two similar scenarios here for the unofficial naysayers. I had a 100% imprinted Giga fall through the map back when i played on 166 official, by the time they answered my ticket it had died. We had a 100% imprinted Giga fall through the map on our unofficial cluster, logged in our Admin account and 5 minutes later we had it back.
  13. edskelly

    Will legacy server save files be updated?

    166 is dead @Sphere just a few randoms on there lately
  14. Pegomastax so I could quit my job
  15. edskelly

    Will legacy server save files be updated?

    They will most likely only add the ones being deleted next month. Which will mean there will be two versions available for these servers. Which are, the active server saves made last November and an updated one at time of deletion. I highly doubt they will release another active legacy server list of server saves that aren't being deleted. Which is fair enough as we all had a chance to get them in November