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  1. Server Option to make Supply Crates random (?RandomSupplyCratePoints=true) What does this mean? As in, on an unofficial server, checking this option could allow high level gear only found in red or yellow crates to be obtainable in white or green ones? That's just how I read it, but probably wishful thinking!
  2. can anyone help with the highlighted points above? i run a player dedicated on xbox via a second console, but i'm not sure what "not being able to see the server's console" means in this context ........ or "the backend is hidden", or "no feedback from the server to the host"......
  3. everyone gets a respec when aberration comes out so if you're on console you'll be all set as heavy turret will be released with the new map on console. for PC i'm sure they'll do a respec on the 27th to learn the new engram.
  4. Got it that's what I kinda thought. Oh well, wishful thinking! Thanks for info.
  5. It's one of the little pictures on the extra life section. Maybe it was from last year?
  6. Yes, this! Rafts are not for the advanced tribe, and if you're PvE it really doesn't effect you at all. It's more of an early game casual way to play PvP if you don't have tens of hours on end to grind/tame/breed in this game. There are still PLENTY of risks using a raft, as they leave you very vulnerable and unable to hide or quickly escape other players. Definitely safer to be on a Tdon than a raft so it's not like the raft is OP without the Leeds. But i remember many a night PvPing other pirates before the Leeds made the seas dead. It's not that the Leeds is a 'minor inconvenience' that i should learn how to counter. It's that now the seas are DEAD, no one rafts anymore at all ...... it's now impossible unless you're close to shore (which if you need to stay close to shore in a BOAT .... uh what's the point). I miss the many ships there used to be and the great PvP that the seas brought. Sorry i don't have the proper hours to sink into this game.
  7. lol this isn't even close to a good comparison
  8. Is that as in the questions are all answered by devs and you need to just post it? Or as in you still need to select and answer questions? It seems like what you're saying here is that you passed out before you were able to post the Digest part of the weekly announcements (totally understandable!) .... but i haven't seen it yet. Just clarifying ...... it's my favorite thing to check on this site!
  9. I know it's been said a million times that we don't need to re-buy the game, but I paid $30 for EA and the full game is $60 right? So what is to stop someone from buying the EA game today, instead of $60 for the full game in a week?
  10. "you can play with all your Xbox friends from your PC or either console." i'm on xbox, does this mean we play cross console with PC players?
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