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  1. Yes even in other maps the respawns are slow in some areas. Valguero especially so
  2. Official Island server 340. My daughter did the painting. This was done the day after Homestead release. Complete with outdoor lounge below the greenhouse with private restroom (Why not have a restroom when you're giving away a Poop Plushie). Restroom has a narcoberry plant in case those that indulge needs more supplies. Wen you visit, make sure to heed the sign on the wall and " Please Flush"
  3. Triplet Easter babies.
  4. Happy Birthday Ark! This game has been one of the best time sinks I've been into. Hmm, I should go food shopping or something some day.
  5. You can also get 50 prime fish meat or fish meat from them just by passively clicking on them. Wait a few minutes (10 I think) and you can harvest again.
  6. Crasla

    Canteen Bugged

    Same on NA-PVE-OfficialPrimitivePlus15
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