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  1. great daily active community. there is always someone on.
  2. added public auction system connected to many other servers (outside of the cluster) to trade with!
  3. added craftable black pearls to help with the balance
  4. added new command system including automatic wild dino wipe voting.
  5. 3 servers online in cluster Cluster wide events
  6. TY, Discord link fixed. TheVolcano and TheIsland server added to cluster.
  7. Well balanced Extinction Core servers with very carefully chosen mods. slow eat drink, long expire times, casual play, no boss tek. You don't lose your items on death! Public and private teleport system. No Grind. Server Discord: https://discord.gg/AtA9T3R
  8. the community is growing rapidly, come play with some great helpful people! 4-7 avg online at any time. very active admins. no grind, all fun! discord.
  9. 5 Player average online, play on a perfectly balanced Extinction Core server! Great building spots open still! No wipes ever, long term casual play, Public Teleports and crafting.
  10. Ragnarok is thriving. Join this great friendly long stay community together. Casual Play, Long structure and dino expiration and feed times. Take a break and not worry about losing all your work! You get all your stuff back when you die! Points reward system, FREE STARTER PACKS! Built for less grind and frustration.