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  1. Hello, thanks for your reply. I've checked setcheatplayer true but unfortunately it doesn't display NPC count, maybe a console only thing. As for slomo 100 i left the command running for a good bit and elapsed about 25-30 ingame days with days and nights set to default 1.0. After this i checked all the usual places were life is none existent and it's all the same, the creatures i've listed are still refusing to re-populate on my Ragnarok save making it unplayable since it seems im going to have to go to Valguero to do my high level taming unless there is an alternative to fixing my ragnarok save without losing all my progress Sidenote: My dino count is set to 1.0, always has been and singleplayer is checked on. The rest is slightly boosted
  2. DestroyWildDinos bug/Dinos not re-populating All of my spawns on singleplayer Ragnarok were working fine. I remember seeing all dinos everywhere i went, no problems until i used the DestroyWildDinos command to clear all the GachaClaus and event colours away from my game today. I spent 3 hours going around the entire map and i noticed that these dinos are now missing and refusing to re-populate. -All fish (Every lake/River on Ragnarok is now empty after hours of re-populating) -Otters -Beavers -Mosa -Tuso -Quetz -Giga -Eurypterid -Dunkys -Anglers -Wyverns I went down to the Pit of Dreen for the artifact and it was completely barren. Not a living creature in sight. Usually tusos/anglers/dunkys everywhere down there. Is my Ragnarok gamesave now corrupt or is there any other commands i can try. Wish consoles could display GetAllState info so i could see what really is on my map. Thanks
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