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  1. Ark rules to live by

    1) Don't worry about lag, it's a feature.. It's an inbuilt temporal causality loop
  2. What do we really want? More DLC content or a fix to the underlying problems with the base game, such as ever escalating lag? Where would you like WC to invest their time and effort? New shiney things or make what we currently have work?
  3. Structures +

    I really hope WC don't mess it up, S+ is a fantastic mod.
  4. Craziest pve encounter?

    I think one of the wierdest was today when a parasaur spawned in the middle of the room I was in.. It was a closed room, no way in or out for it.. It vanished 3hrs later.. Very strange.
  5. Are you buying aberation?

    Nope, didn't buy SE, won't buy Aberation.. Someone will eventually create a mod with most of it in it.
  6. Being harassed by level 100 alpha raptor

    If your on a PVE server just put out it's coords, bound to have someone come rushing in to get the prime off it
  7. Check that no stat has changed, no other colour has changed and see if the mutation counter has increased?
  8. Kibble Rework: Any updated information?

    There are many ways to solve the dino cap issue, kibble is just one step on that road, some ideas: 1) Remove the need to have to tame so many instances of animals for breeding. Create the concept of taking genetic samples (which is just a simple numeric data set) that can be "mixed" in a workstation instead of breeding 100's of animals. This would remove the need for having lots of dino instances. Obviously would need to follow similar rules to current taming, such as being knocked out. Perhaps a similar amount of time as taming to get the sample. Mixing the "DNA" would require a similar amount of time as breeding an animal, etc.. In the end you just need an egg that you can "inject" the DNA sample into to hatch the animal.. 2) A Dino Store? Currently we can upload dino's to the obilisk for 24hrs, this converts them to pure data, no instance on the map. Perhaps a dino store that can be built that just converts the dino instances that are not imediately needed into just pure data saved on the server. Again instances on the server reduced and therefore cap reduced. 3) Kibble rework, remove the need for the kibble farm. Further, removing the massive amount of animals will help with lag on servers as well.
  9. Why no 2x raising?

    Well, let's start the common thread on a Friday, are we getting 2X this Friday through Monday?
  10. Bad Customer Service

    Sorry to say this, but.... it's normal.
  11. taming a dimitri... so easy to kill
  12. Rain Visibility

    LOL.. no chance.. it's random in bases, it's random outside, especially if on the center.
  13. Onyc pack vs Vultures or Dimorphadons?

    My tribe mate is a dimo obsessive... runs around with a pack of 20+... ******** lethal.
  14. Is the taming mechanic flawed?

    Thanks for all the comments everyone, really appreciated. Some interesting ideas in there