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  1. The biggest performance issue with ark is rubber banding that just never seems to improve no matter what they do.
  2. Broken website?

    Same here...
  3. We've had this happen a few times, people run in, grab eggs and stuff. Just shut your doors and lock them in until they give the stuff back or die.
  4. lagg

    As more tames occur, bigger buildings are created it will only get worse. This is exactly what happened on legacy servers.
  5. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    This is problem, just have say, bi-weekly updates at a fixed time. You release what is ready and what is stable, if something cannot be done it doesn't get put in but it still allows you to push fixes, improvements, etc out and generally keep your client base happy. If you just pick random times to update and then delay, then delay, then delay it creates frustration, especially with a game like ark. Things in ARK take so long to do and can easily be disrupted by a server restart. So if we know when updates are supposed to occur we can plan ahead. You annouce what functionality is ready on the day of the update window and that is what we get. I think most people would rather have a stable platform to play on and have some things delayed than the completely random updates we do get. But as I said earlier, we've had this discussion many times in many forums for 2yrs now and nothing has changed.
  6. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    This is not rocket science. You have a fixed release window for updates that occur periodically. You develop what you can and start testing it way before the release date, anything that is not ready or cannot be fixed is pushed to the next release window and what is working goes out on the release date. You don't keep saying "it's nearly ready", "It's nearly ready." while you clients sit there wondering when the hell the machines are gonna restart!
  7. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    Don't bother asking, anything you are told will be missed anyway. It'll happen at some random time which will probably be the most incovenient time possible. As has been discussed many times, they really need to implement a fixed patch day so that we all know that this is the day things get messed up.
  8. Warning about updates!

    This conversation has been gone over so so many times over the last 2 years. Scheduled fix period updates have been requested so we know when updates are to be expected or deployed, etc. Never been done, never will be done. Also with so many mistakes being made you end up with so many hotfixes that the game spends the same amount of time in updates as it did in early access. This is just the way Wildcard works.
  9. Question for the oldies.

    Have you also noticed how much better the game looked back then?
  10. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    Dimorphodon.. In a large pack they are completely lethal
  11. Question for the oldies.

    I remember the flying dolphins, sharks, etc.. flying across the ground and up a hill. Or the bronto who would just keep walking up and up until it hit the barrier On a serious note though, I remember when you could actually see a dino rendered when it was more than 2 inches from you
  12. Feeling absolutely gutted

    Your probably better off playing on PVE. Especially as it appears you do not take part in the conflict side of PVP.
  13. Why do they not enable no collision on PVE Servers? Would make it so much easier to build. I understand not enabling it for PVP (invunerable bases) but on PVE that doesn't matter, there is no raiding so why not just enable it by default on official PVE??