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  1. Fistfeet

    Repurposing legacy servers

    When did you count them? Peak times will be different for different servers, because time zones exist. PS: How come all of your averages are whole numbers?
  2. 1.0x is really "4x" difficulty, so dinos will spawn like 4, 8, 12, etc... Max will be 120. Official servers are 5x (so 5, 10, 15 with max 150). Check out the table on this page to see what you need to set it to to get this: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Difficulty To set difficulty offset values higher than 1, just type the number into the box rather than using the slider. You can use this method to go above the max values for other settings too.
  3. Metal is 16 days, Stone is 12, Dinos, wires and wood are 8, glass and thatch are 4. It's good to know the numbers so you can make sure you don't lose any of your own stuff. Storage chests are 12 as well, but if they are on wood or thatch etc they will get destroyed when the item they are on gets destroyed. (Except for vaults, which are 16 and fall through to the ground below, resetting their timer.) If the timer runs out on an enemy base you can destroy the items if you are near to them. If nobody is nearby they will just disappear. You can't destroy enemy dinos like this, but they will still disappear once nobody is near to them as well.
  4. Fistfeet

    How difficult is hard broodmother

    If health is 3x as much, it will take 3x as long to kill, so the fight will last 3x longer. If melee is 3x as much it will do 3x as much damage over the same amount of time, so 9x as much damage if the fight lasts 3x longer. So basically it is 9x harder, not 3x harder. ---- Re: OP: We fought hard brood with 19 rexes all having about 600%+ melee, and 1 yuty. The rexes had 90 armour saddles approx, and lost 25k HP approx before the boss died. Just keep the yuty out of the 'firing line' of the front of the spider and you should be fine.
  5. Fistfeet

    When do dino spawns reset each week?

    Awesome thanks Campi!!
  6. Fistfeet

    When do dino spawns reset each week?

    You kill wild titans in your base? Gonads of Steel.
  7. Just checking if anyone knows what time dino spawns reset each week on official servers? Is it coming up soon once 2x ends? I just want to know since we had a wild titan in our base and want to know when it is safe to log back in.
  8. Fistfeet

    what is a most useless item in ark

    Probably all those items that do something you can do a better way anyway. Like DarthaNyan mentioned, Flashlight is awesome. Except, you can just turn up the gamma, so why use it? The ability to take screenshots with a camera and then paint them on to a canvas would be amazing, except you don't need the in-game camera to do this. The recipes for making consumables seem like they would be really useful. Except you can just look up the recipe on the wiki. And, you probably will even if you use the recipes, since the in-game recipes use 'dollop' instead of just saying how many you need, and so you need to figure out how to decipher them. The walkie-talkie is probably the most obvious example.
  9. Good spotting Joebl0w13. I guess the patch notes will be updated eventually.....
  10. Apparently, Wildcard recently changed it so you can no longer claim other tribes' dinos that expire. The patch notes mention a 'fix' for auto-decay, so I guess that dinos being claimable was just a bug this whole time? See this thread for more info and a quote from Eli about it:
  11. Fistfeet

    The point of high lvl giga trades on pve?

    Rexes can kill rock elementals. We had some excess rexes and sent them to battle a rock elemental so they would slowly die. But they won...
  12. If you can, kite diplos over to push all their dinos around. This sometimes works better than kiting aggro dinos since they don't kill them, so they won't get a message with what happened. And it's reversable by them so no long-term damage done. Find their body and drag it to a really out of the way place with no fast way to kill themselves. Build a crazy maze and drag them to the centre of it when they are offline. Put signs up saying there is a reward if you make it to the end. Then make it so when they finally get to the exit it's a trap and they just fall down to the start again.
  13. Fistfeet

    How to make pillars last?

    Also if you place the pillar so it 'snaps' adjacent to another pillar, then that counts as being attached to that pillar even though they're not touching. So as long as one of the pillars has a ladder on it you can line up a whole bunch of them.
  14. You can't breed Griffins, so this is unrealistically high for an official server. Even if you could breed them its almost unobtainably high. Compare with Ankys, for eg. How many 900% ankys have you seen around? And how much work went in to them?
  15. Fistfeet

    Dinosaur Life Span (Because Caps Suck)

    Life span could work OK if the tame/raise/level rates were higher. But I think implementing a better dino-sink would have the same effect but be less punishing to players, and more fun. Currently the only obvious dino-sinks are ascending, and taming a troodon. There should be more 'caves of no return' where you can take dinos to get some benefit, or like a dino trader you can sell them to via supply drops, or something.