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  1. Reaper515

    Paid timed legacy transfers

    I agree but the new servers still have the same issues with duping and cheaters. For those of us who played it right it's sad that we got the short end of the stick. Plus they were greedy bastards and probably wouldn't pay to move there stuff over. I'm just saying I would gladly pay to save my dinos and be able to use them again moving forward. As of right now the economy is very broken on the new officials. I have bought traded and worked my way up to what I had on legacy, it's a shame to let a significant amount time be a utter waste. Unfortunately some of us have full time jobs and a life outside of ark another year of hard work to get back there. Seems to be a crap thank you from wild card for our loyalty thru the early access with the game breaking bugs we have had to endure.
  2. Reaper515

    Paid timed legacy transfers

    I know this will catch outrage from some but to me it's worth it. How about a paid 24 hour pass to transfer our hard work from legacy to official. At the end of this time anything associated with the tribe or survivor with said pass with be deleted from the legacy server. Even a cap on the number of dinos and items per tribe would be better then nothing. This will a give wild card some extra money to pay for the Gm support during the process and also allow them to maybe shut down a few legacy servers which I'm sure are a drain on resources. I am one of those people hoping Wildcard changes there mind with the transfer ban and keep logging in to legacy to keep my hard work alive. The new servers are getting to the point where every one has gotten back up to the point of good dinos again. I would like the old dinos that I was attached to and worked my butt off to breed to not be a raging waste of my time. I understand that the primary reason for the ban was to make the new servers fair and because the dupers ruined the economy for everyone. Don't punish us for their mistakes. And I end with pretty pretty please with a giga egg on top. Thank you in advance.
  3. Reaper515

    Whistle land command

    Wyverns and other flying dinos like to spend time just hanging out in the air alittle to much and alittle too high. This prevents you from getting back on them. How about a whistle land one/all command. I can not tell you how many times I could have survived if the stupid wyvern or bird would have just landed instead of playing fly in circles around me or hovering just out of reach. I finish with a " pretty pretry please ". Thanks