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  1. Add a feature to console where we can edit which dinos can spawn in. It would make the game a lot more interesting. My friends and I really hope this feature comes out sometime in the summer because we love ark but want to play without dinos. I know we can just "not" tame them, but they're still running around everywhere. Players could make awesome lists of dinos and take out ones they don't like. Think about the possibilities! Mammals only private servers. No huge dinos. It could open a lot of doors gameplay wise! I really hope someone may consider this!
  2. PLEASE add a feature to disable certain dinos from spawning for private servers. That would be the ultimate feature for ark. Server hosts could make so many different kinds of servers! The possibilities are endless! It would be the best feature ever. Mammals only server! Or none at all. No dinos? no gigas, omg the possibilities!
  3. When will Player-Dedicated Console servers get the ability to increase the limit of structures on rafts!? I see the game can take more structures. Some private computer servers have increased the limit already. An excuse may be because it is over-powered to have more structures, but if its a private server the host should be able to change it! It would open a wide array of new builds!
  4. The PS4 community never had the game to begin with. They haven't had to endure anything since the game wasn't out for them. I don't play this game anymore because of the time it takes but seriously to say sitting and waiting for a stupid game to release is not the same as wasting hundreds of hours only to have some game breaking glitch ruin weeks of progress. PS4 never had to suffer when there weren't any settings for tribes and people could join and take everything. What about tames falling through maps 24/7 or PVP glitches where people were able to easily glitch-kill Gigas. That was the poop
  5. Hey is your xbox name PoisonBuckle? You sent me a different gt earlier. just wondering which one I should friend.

    1. Tridentnova
    2. InkBurn


      nope....old GT new one is the one I gave you.

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