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  1. It is working again now - just stay in range of the dino in the pen and food goes down (wont show with pressing H) but when you re-knock the dino out food has been emptying
  2. Starve "awake" taming was this patched at some point? had a doedi in a trap for 24h now only loses food when its asleep, was this changed at some point? i stopped playing for a whiile and wondered if it was taken out in the last year?
  3. i dont even know how to "mesh" yet ive had structures removed....ok
  4. Is there any word on when the coloured dinos will stop spawning? they said it will turn off and they havent turned it off....i dont want to panic tame crappy lowbies.... =p
  5. currently looking after a baby tapa, 2 quetz and 2 gigas, pretty bored tbh
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