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  1. FIX THE CHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THATS HOLY Ok, reeeeeally getting tired of typing things in chat only to see it wont display due to the chat filter.. Why in the bloody hell cant I use the letter/word "I"?!? What is epically is wrong with you coders??
  2. So its past 11pm EST and ah... Still no on screen message about servers goin down... Is there a problem with the update?
  3. Servers down? So are some of the xbox servers still down after this "minor" update or is it just me?
  4. Bases : theres no way this was intended.. Ive been playing Ark for over 2 years on pvp servers. I raid and pvp. I obviously enjoy playing. But I have to think its not intended to be able to take down bases this easy (yes, even before the cheaters meshing and duped mek rushes etc that further ruined things). Go to any pvp server, theyre ghost towns. Everyone knows its not worth building when you know it will be destroyed in less than 48 hours. All the work and mechanics of S plus and all building abilities are pointless (on pvp servers*). It wasnt always this way. I once
  5. Are you also on single player like the OP or are you on official? Think ahead when sharing info pls..
  6. Same here. I posted immediately to warn people here in general discussion, but they moved and buried it in the less populated bug forums. Thanks moderators!
  7. AAAAND cryopods dont work. You can pull a tame out, but you cant put it back in... Warning.
  8. Aaaaaand whatever you do.....dont pull out any tames from cyropods......you WONT be able to cryo them back up... WARNING.
  9. Not able to cryo tames after update . *sigh* Another fine Wildcard patch day...
  10. Step out of house, lay down prone, switch to orbit view and attempt to see if you have a carno under the ground stuck in the mesh. Its unlikely, but when you rule out the obvious and what can be viewed in front of you...
  11. This will end Ark. Period. For me (and based on parties/server chats) will be the end of Ark. For those that play on official pvp servers and use multiple servers, this log in lock kills the experience in 2 ways. 1) not being able to get back into a server for 5 minutes can be the difference between no loss and losing everything (if you know this game, think about it) 2) the additional time spent if you log in and out of servers 12 times (12×5 minute lock out) in a play session (not at all out of the ordinary for people that play on multi servers) is an AN HOUR TOTAL OF WA
  12. Well given the havoc dinos can cause clearing said areas, naturally those would have to go too in an effort to return the area to its original and usable state.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I would rather light a candle than curse your darkness. I will have you all know I can direct you to a spacious place where you will find free land as far as the eye can see. See a spot you like but someone has built structures on it? Wait less than 12-24 hours and it will surely be wiped clean and the trees and rocks will grow back again. Head to Pvp official servers!
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