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  1. Duo we don't get messages just dashboard then we have to reload the entire game constantly. we are on 172 Scorched earth official server it is all times of the day morning day and night we crash constantly everyone on the server. and at any place on the map. some like my friend lacie get kicked 40 to 50 times daily I have not played single player but when I played pve abberation it ran smoothly and I never get kicked there. (However someone stole all our dinos so we dont play abb anymore.) (I just want to play my scorched earth where it was quiet and we had nice people who didn
  2. I crash every 10 20 30 minutes to the dashboard on scorched earth my friends and the entire server crash in the exact same way. Countless others have responded with the same issue. my server is 174 na offical se. But its on every server. This would be a normal post. Except we as a community have received no reply from wildcard about a fix. From what I've researched and read Xbox can not help us and Nitrado has done their part. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game does nothing. I have placed tickets as have others and they have not responded. My friend and i crash 30 to 40 times a d
  3. I am still crashing every 5 10 min on se server 172 I need a fix this is getting stupid I cant go across the map I cant get milk I cant do anything. Somebody please reply! An admin or Jat or anybody please say you can see these posts!
  4. I'm on scorched earth server 172 and I crash every 5 to 10 min and i cant get enough time to collect food to feed to my base. Its getting crazy that there has been no fix or response or acknowledgement to this being a issue. I had died once and it took 4 dragons to recover my stuff because I would crash every time I reached a certain spot on the map. I just need to prepare to transfer my dinos before I need to go back to work but it looks like I can forget transferring them to my friend cause there all gonna starve and this is on ark management. I cant believe I'm gonna loose my 300 plus tame
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