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  1. Preserving salt and preserving bins

    Yes and it shouldn't be like that. Pc has has the issue fixed and can out it in the bins. But Xbox 1 X got their pretty graphics. raptor the people that want working game mechanics
  2. Preserving salt and preserving bins

    Last I checked the only container it will go into is a vessel. No feeding trough, preserving bin, or refrigerator. At least on console.
  3. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    My meaning was the wingsuits should use zero. Parachutes use zero, and wingsuits should match. Sorry for implying and not expressing directly
  4. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    It's not flying!! Quit acting like it is. It should drain stamina equal to using a parachute... As my childhood hero once said "That wasn't flying!... It was FALLING, with style"
  5. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    How is it unbalanced? I'm sorry but being able to glide really far does not create any unbalance at all. Ziplines will still be useful, as will grapples. Gliding ≠ Flying Not to mention the fact that you won't have the added strength and health of a flyer. It's asinine to ask for a nerf for something you've never even used.
  6. Transfers into Aberation

    Glad I could clear it up at least. I was honestly baffled by people's reaction to him posting the answer. lol
  7. Transfers into Aberation

    I seriously cannot believe that you guys don't get it... Eli JUST said EXACTLY what can and can't be transferred and in what direction. You guys do realize he is WildCards community manager, right? He IS the official source. You don't need a link to one because this is it. If someone were to ask me for proof of what could be transferred I would link them to HERE. Since you don't seem to understand how he worded I'll try to reword it for him. CHARACTERS ONLY can transfer TO Aberration upon release. At ALL times EVERYTHING (excluding element) can be transferred OUT of Aberration. Get it? @Eli Thanks for answering them with the official position, even if they don't realize it...
  8. Something happened

    That sounds like an issue with high lag. This can be caused by multiple things. For example, it being a PvE server, there could be too much for the server to easily process. Is your server at the tame cap? Do people have massive bases everywhere? Are a lot of people trying to connect at the same time? What is your connection like to other servers in your region? How far are you from the server? It is unfortunate that many of the official servers have massive lag issue, but most of it can't be fixed with a simple flip of a switch like you seem to imply. Not being able to fix an issue for whatever reason and not caring about it are two separate things. I don't believe that WC would intentionally leave a server lagging out all the time if it was in their control to fix. Unfortunately the way the playerbase plays this game, especially on PvE, is extremely taxing on servers that have to constantly make calculations for tames, structures, wilds, player action, etc. I understand it's frustrating, all I'm saying is there is no reason to be rude to someone who was working diligently in the middle of the night (I'm making an assumption that lilpanda is US based, but since I don't know for sure it could have been morning or midday) to fix a widespread connectivity issue.
  9. I believe it is still possible to get a color mutation on a color region not used by that creature. So it could be a color mutation that you can't see...
  10. Something happened

    Fill this out. I personally use the mobile version of the site and have never seen the report server outages link referred to above so I dig through the support section to find it. 🤣
  11. Something happened

    Unrelated. Submit a normal server outage report. This thread is in the PC forums and about a specific outage caused by the Steam maintenance (separate network). You'll have a much better chance of getting it dealt with by doing so.
  12. Something happened

    At this point they aren't going to rollback. [Most of] the servers have been up far too long, the progress lost would be greater to roll back to save a few people's progress, than to just keep it where they are now.
  13. Something happened

    This, where people were reporting the issue, was exactly where to post it. Also it was only an issue for a few hours following the Steam maintenance not for over 24 hours as you claim. Don't be insulting to people just because you don't like something. If you had connection issues for longer, it was not from this issue. lilpanda did the work to get the servers up, why be rude?
  14. Opinions on Nitrado servers

    The two Nitrado employees also contradict each other... "Minimum of 20G RAM per server" "Normally 3-4.5 GB [per server]" Note: The second one seems reasonable as they do not say allocated but consumed. The first person seems way off as nothing anywhere else supports that kind of RAM dedicated per Nitrado Ark server.