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  1. Idk if pc ever got the rex skin but son of a dodo I want the giga skin lol, welcome to hell ps4 ark players buckle up its gonna be a hell of a ride
  2. Anyone else notice the skeleton wyvern behind the dodo wyvern?
  3. Ha that's funny a game being bug free
  4. I like the idea of trapdoor spider but wish the areno got a buff like climbing walls or a built in web grapple
  5. Personally I feel your pain games just bore me anymore but gotta say ark has caught my attention, I do get bored but I always come back so it is a must game
  6. But he tortures himself by reading updates, poor guy and or lass
  7. I'll give it a shot after I get my net on, "between 8 am and 8 pm" 3:30 and still waiting
  8. I must ask why do you want full release so bad?
  9. Already been corrected but yea I see the point just forgot about it the map isn't one of my personal choices
  10. I'm gathering thatch naked

  11. That's not to pricey though.....I'd do it if they didn't bring within minutes
  12. Uhhh idk what upsets me more the fact you posted this or that 3 people liked it. We've had this for months. Have you tried updating?
  13. in a survival aspect i couldnt see it to well but for a sotf map sure why not
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