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  1. Mistuhhpalmer

    local chat Local Chat Character Limit

    understandable all your points but im just saying from a general point of view its easier that way. but i never made ark so couldnt tell u why character limit, but 99% of games have a character limit so its something most gamers have been accustom too.
  2. Mistuhhpalmer

    Maga tribes need to be banned plain and simple

    i LOL'D tbh. but to original poster, how is it fair to ban players for doing what the game has offered? if you can manage to run a a tribe where everyone wants to join and can control it more power to ya, either do the same and start recruiting everyone try to become a big tribe or just get allied, switch servers till you find somewhere to settle. alternatively you could play a dedicated/host one, play single player so your own rules/pve. but as a survival game you should expect people to do what is intended and that objective is to SURVIVE. just my 2 cents (btw not a mega tribe just another person trying to survive and thrive as well)
  3. Mistuhhpalmer

    local chat Local Chat Character Limit

    its so people cant spam global chat. you would be suprised how many salty players spam global after being kicked with constant 1 letter repetitive spam etc (official pvp servers) but you get the picture. and shouldnt RP be via voice chat as its easier(RP/Pve not my thing never played just assumption)? i couldn't imagine playing ark and stopping to type every second especially paragraphs of dialogue
  4. Mistuhhpalmer

    Multiple Characters on same server ?

    Yea you may and thats how the process works. As long as your characters are arked you can pull character of your choice in to server.
  5. Mistuhhpalmer

    Is this area safe from radiation?

    Your fine
  6. Mistuhhpalmer

    When do you think Aberration will release?

    When it comes it comes. Do t set yourself up for disappointment with speculating based from my ecperience
  7. Mistuhhpalmer

    Swamp Fever

    Damn rip the dream bud 😂 the chances of that tho. Gotta give it to the noob lol
  8. Mistuhhpalmer

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Congrats you guys currently downloading ps4 update
  9. Mistuhhpalmer

    What will you do on your new server?

    complete domination
  10. If you calculate the timer its goes 3 days past launch
  11. Mistuhhpalmer

    Having trouble finding legacy server to move to.

    Best of luck guys legacy soon to die out
  12. Mistuhhpalmer

    Jerboas not eating from troughs

    They musy be juvenile or adolescent to eat from trough. If issue persist just put seeds/berry in jerboas inventory so its a guarantee its being fed
  13. Mistuhhpalmer

    The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    New DLC map annoucement 1 of 2 paid ones possibly?
  14. Mistuhhpalmer

    ARK at Gamescom! First-look at Upcoming Content!

    3rd still here ready for that fresh server grind