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  1. When do you think Aberration will release?

    When it comes it comes. Do t set yourself up for disappointment with speculating based from my ecperience
  2. Swamp Fever

    Damn rip the dream bud 😂 the chances of that tho. Gotta give it to the noob lol
  3. Day One! Launch & More!

    Congrats you guys currently downloading ps4 update
  4. What will you do on your new server?

    complete domination
  5. If you calculate the timer its goes 3 days past launch
  6. Having trouble finding legacy server to move to.

    Best of luck guys legacy soon to die out
  7. Jerboas not eating from troughs

    They musy be juvenile or adolescent to eat from trough. If issue persist just put seeds/berry in jerboas inventory so its a guarantee its being fed
  8. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    New DLC map annoucement 1 of 2 paid ones possibly?
  9. ARK at Gamescom! First-look at Upcoming Content!

    3rd still here ready for that fresh server grind

    Doing good things out here
  11. Salt stacks

    Each stack is max of 6 which is 2 hours of preservation. Each individual salt is 20 min of preservation. Put salt in vessel which can hold 24 (4 stacks of 6) itll last years hope this helps, happy arking
  12. Cant reupload tames

    To set it straight im on ps4 since launce we have never had 12 hour cool down timer on tames or ark data etc. Since current patch it clearly has been implemented for ps4 and working as "intended" too. With that said it is now a 12 hour cool down on arked creatures after downloading. Happy arking all 😒
  13. Cant reupload tames

    Thanks i figured thats what it was. Since ps4 patch i guess its been fixed. Prior to update id refresh my ark all the time before time expired. But because of info i hadnt known about ive lost a boss rex mutated that id been oh so babying in my ark to have it stuck unprotected on alt server and killed. Thanks for the reply!
  14. Cant reupload tames

    Its pvp and i should be able to downlaod my creature and reupload instantly. Or has this changed?Been doing it forever, i came to SE afrer update unloaded went to reupload tame and was not able too xD.