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  1. I've had SLI running fine for months now, but after I updated to NVIDIA Driver 390.65, it seems to have stopped working. I can't get both cards to spool up. I've tried uninstalling the drivers and Geforce Experience and doing clean installs. Nothing is resolving the problem. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    To get a refund
  3. I'm getting this crash intermittently when I attempt to use an inventory search function. I use this feature a lot to search for items, sometimes it's fine, other times I instantly crash after entering one letter. This only started happening after patch 268, as OP already said. please fix ASAP, I use search a lot and it is now a habit of mine.
  4. inventory bug

    I'm getting this one now too. Started today. Happens when I type anything in the search bar of a storage.
  5. Recent patch notes refer to fixes specifically for 'The Center'. Source please?
  6. Might be an issue isolated to the Center then. Also the latest driver update from NVidia (08/24/2017) is amazing with SLI!
  7. I've updated to the latest Nvidia drivers and I still have same glitch in Redwoods as well. Rainstorm + Redwoods=Purple stuff Map: Center I haven't tried other maps yet
  8. @Rahthos I have noticed all the items you mentioned as well. I just couldn't tell if it was something that was always there or a new issue. @Neoloid This has happened to me a few times as well. I am using an older Nvidia driver (384.76 seems to be the only driver that utilizes SLI even remotely). I also noticed this glitch usually occurs during storms if I approach the Redwoods Biome. It's possible that there's a shader issue in that biome that glitches, I never reported it since I'm not on the latest drivers.
  9. Crash report v265.0 , same crash within 20 minutes

    I've started getting this crash while loading into The Center. I have recently started enabling 'distance field shadowing' in options due to the improved optimizations with the recent patches. I'm unable to reproduce the error with any consistency. It seems arbitrary and only occurs while loading in. Once I'm in, I don't crash.
  10. Nvidia SLI causes Fatal Error

    I have the same question about the latest driver (385.28). I can confirm that with 384.76 that I was about to get SLI running better than I was ever able to before. I can get both GPUs to average 70-75% utilization each, run everything at max settings and average 50-60 FPS in the environment and while flying and about 30-40FPS in a large base. Specs: Asus Maximus IX motherboard Intel i7 7700K OC 5.0Ghz 64Gigs DDR4 RAM 500Gig m.2 PCIe NVMe SSD 2x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW SLI with HB bridge
  11. Enough of the fog

    Agreed. I guess the latest UE4 Dev Kit added some new atmospheric features that can be pretty great, but I think they went a bit overboard with the fog feature. Less intensity and less frequency would be good! Ideally, they could add console commands or ini settings for weather control, but I'm sure people have been asking for this since Alpha launch.
  12. Where are the patch notes for 264.33?

    No notes for 264.4 either. *stage whisper* It's a surprise!
  13. Nvidia SLI causes Fatal Error

    Now that you mention it, I saw that in the NVIDIA Profile Inspector. I even tried using it in my profile settings when it showed up but I don't think it worked, so I didn't think much of it. Either way, the client update broke my settings and any tricks I tried.
  14. Nvidia SLI causes Fatal Error

    From the latest patch: - GPU particles now render properly in SLI / multi-GPU mode (now hopefully NVIDIA can re-enable SLI support for ARK in their drivers!!!!!!!! ) The 'hopefully NVidia can re-enable SLI support' part is what concerns me. Hopefully NV releases an updated driver on or before the launch and surprises us. Or, at the very least, someone finds another workaround we can use until it gets resolved somewhere further down the road.
  15. Nvidia SLI causes Fatal Error

    I had an SLI profile that was working fine. I got a good performance (60-70 fps at mostly epic) and RARELY got the 'driver crash'. That profile now causes a Fatal error when I join a server. If I use the default SLI profile for Ark, I can join a server, but my GPU performance is reduced to pretty much Single GPU level, and I get the video driver crash every 15mins....