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  1. did all the official servers crash at the same time?
  2. full all the time the only thing you can do is just keep trying and wait for some one to get off or wait for the server to crash but that's usually only every 3 hours and once they put it back up you should be able to get in ive lost probably 12 baby dinos because i couldnt get in to feed them so ive stopped even using that particular feature
  3. what is with these crazy joined failed messages the server says that there's room in the server but it wont let me in I've been trying to join for the better part of and hour this is ridiculous at this point the only time ive been able to get into my server is at night
  4. a 70 limit on servers is perfectly fine but we do need more servers. im sure nitrodo is keeping it low so that more people will buy their servers so that they can make more money. game is basically unplayable for 16hours out of the day
  5. server 5211 is not on the list network status says online v25.69 the lettering is in green so i would assume its healthy so where is the server
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