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  1. xxsh00t3r7xx

    Rock Drakes getting stuck underground/duping

    How long did it take you guys to get it back?
  2. xxsh00t3r7xx

    Metal Nodes in Aberration

    Please fix this, I'm swinging my anky's tail and its not hitting barely anything for metal nodes in the blue zone on 642. The tail just goes right through the nodes every single time and I need to find a specific location each time on the metal nodes if I am lucky, otherwise I have to move on from them. Much appreciation if this could be fixed
  3. There are Ice Wyverns right next to the egg location spawn points, and after the last update, the eggs dont spawn anymore, spent all day on 6/14/2017 trying to find them, and could not find an egg. waited 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and an hour for a lvl 100 to spawn an egg, nothing, killed the lvl 100, went around to check other spawns and still no eggs after i found the next ice wyvern. The nest just are not spawning on 631.