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  1. No your missing the point. You usually have 30+ ptera eggs and when you need argent kibble with new system you will be able to use ptera eggs you already have instead. So you dont need male + female dino A and male + female dino B, now at max youl need 2 female dino A and male A and thats it. So your full kibble farm gonna shrink to 6 males instead of 30+. Thats -30 dinos on every player on server.
  2. This part i don't like, i think s+ has good enough restraints already, no need to make it harder. On everything else - Good Job WC!
  3. Except when you play with 2 other people on private server. And you have no chance in hell defending that vein.
  4. And WC while you at it add options for gatcha drop rate and quality.
  5. would like to know too, 1000 dust is ridiculous.
  6. At least WC did not promised anything big any time soon. And they even admit defeat on some questions. Good job WC on improving your communication.
  7. Same thing just happen on my server (PC Ragnarok). Its just me and my friends. I put nodes on all my Wyverns, tested them, they been working fine. Two hours later we came back to base and there are no nods on any Wyverns. No message about auto decay in tribe log. EDIT: Posted this in PC bug section. Mods pls delete this post.
  8. Just finished killing my own base due to server shutting down. F u WC! Worst game ever, worst company ever. You will never see any more money from me.
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