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  1. You paid for the content which you can enjoy on official, unofficial and single player. You did not pay for a slot on an official server of your choice. Nothing about official servers is or needs to be fair.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Philipp07 said:

    U so stupid WC i want my money back u can have the Dlc from my ps4 remove im solo and cant get off swamp fever to Transfer... i get stuck for the next 3 month in this poop map 


    Lose all my stuff in other server great job ... 

    Cure yourself you pleb

  3. Im more than happy to buy dlc for a game I enjoy but knowing you are bleating about it for a non issue that you didn't even look into before screeching like a chimp just makes me want to give them more money.

  4. 1 minute ago, DeHammer said:

    Is this announcement new (as in the last hour or so)? There's a date but no time.... so difficult to know if this is another delay or the last one we already knew about. 


    Yeah its new, its not timestamped though cause they did it within an hour of the release window.  Definitely a delay they would've known about sooner, unless they leave everything to the last possible minute and then run into issues.

  5. While as you mentioned a tribe of 6 newbies is fairly useless, a tribe of six vets will easily have a huge advantage of any tribe smaller than them. 

    Yeah there is absolutely no defending manas they are a broken absolutely rubbish dino however they do keep getting nerfed.

    Your main issue though seems to stem from the fact you seem to think you can play PvP official solo and actually make progress, I hate to be the one to tell you but official PvP is meant for tribes and if you play solo then you will just lose everything constantly. The only way to solo official PvP is by just being a one man raider, never building up just gathering what you need for a raid then popcorning all the targets stuff.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Owataday said:

    I know Joe has no power. Joe came in and had a go at the OP, he set the tone for everyone to come in and bash the OP just like you do in most of your post. I have seen you troll this forum. Joe has to be above that but he has shown time and time again that he just can’t help himself. I hate when people gang up on someone who might of made a mistake in there post or didn’t understand parts of the game.

    Joe hardly set the tone mate OP did that quite well himself and continued to do so in his replies. I find it a touch disappointing you find my actions to be trollish, I felt I come across alot more unstable than troll like. Point is though the game is going just as strong as always at least on xbox so the OP is just dribbling rubbish because they are upset.

  7. 1 minute ago, aeres said:

    That’s not the point. My whole point was that the people who made the game don’t care. Yeah i set up schedules because i play this game competitively as a hobby.  I don’t talk down on you for settin up schedules at work homie. 

    Mate if you can't see the difference between work and a game you need to take a break. Also Ark on xbox is going just fine, the game isn't dead or dying if the player base isn't solely on official servers.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Owataday said:

    Joe you should stay out of these topics if your just going to add to the flame. Op is hurting because of terrible service that you ignore because your connected. You bypassed everything else that the OP said just to pick on him. Stop trolling since your in a position to really hammer home comments. You should be helpful not hurtful. But I suppose your connected in a small way to Wildcard so the standards are low JOE

    I wish I lived in a world where forum mods had power and influence .... but alas i'm stuck in this world, On that note though I believe the mods are just keeping this thread on topic and not trolling.

    19 minutes ago, Swordguy said:


    On that note, ARK is what it is because it's not monetized to the potential that it could be, therefore you get what you pay for. Anyone playing on an official server should always be aware that WC is providing a barebones experience, and if you want a more premium experience then you have to step into the waters of unofficial dedicated servers. There are some clusters that have been up for as long as official itself, and have all the maps, more enjoyable rates, structures plus, and a gazillion other mods that fix what the Devs can't or won't. 

    Is ARK dead? no, its just that you're a beta tester if you play on official, end of story, hard to argue otherwise unless you don't play. Until ARK runs and is maintained like a properly released title, the game silently still carries that Early Access experience, especially on official servers. Best to know what you're getting into beforehand, and keep expectations at zero over the long term.

    Hard to actually disagree with this, The only extra bit I would add though is that while Official servers might feel like a barebones experience they aren't needed to enjoy the game at all and WC could just cut their losses and stop hosting them without any issue.

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  9. I just love when people say they speak for everyone and they couldn't be more wrong, we literally had a post like this a week or two back and you will find it was a 50/50 on wanting new content or fixes. So no they shouldn't stop making new content at all and well im enjoying the event and hope it runs while genesis comes out.

  10. 4 hours ago, Oieru said:

    Extinction 493 is without Battle Eye for over 4 days now!!!!!! This is how efficient a report is. And if it still isn't clear, yes, I submit one every time there is an issue. @Cedric could someone, anyone please check the status of servers? It's really bad out there.

    Just waiting for this event to end. A huge fail. I really hope they don't launch Genesis with all these issues going on, that would be the nail in the coffin.

    Just a quick fix for you, I believe you meant to say "I really hope they don't launch Genesis with all these issues going on, that would be the nail in the coffin for me." Seeing as just because some players are having difficulties with servers certainly does not mean that all players are.

  11. I hate to be the one to tell you but no it cannot be done. In fact due to the windows 10 version just being the xbox version played via emulator any changes to the ini files would make it incompatible with crossplay. Unfortunately you will have to deal with the tether, only play one map at a time, rent a couple servers or find an unofficial with rates/stats that you and your friends enjoy.

  12. 5 hours ago, stevedelglocker said:

    it's many server and if it was your main server i bet you would care and after 6 hours down it just crashed good work wild card 

    But its not my server so no I dont give a rats that you are missing out

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