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  1. Tbh the game does function properly most of the time on the standard xbox. I run multiple consoles and when changing room so I swap from the standard to S to X or vice versa besides graphical difference the game runs just fine. I will also add with a total of 3 standard consoles (one being day one edition) its hardly a case of "only works for you everyone else it doesn't". With the caveat that before my internet speed got increased I did have a fair bit of crashing regardless of console, perhaps that means its faulty code related to connection?
  2. Tickets is the only way to get in touch with a GM
  3. In order for people to see you have your own "work ethic" you will have to build up on your own, more than likely get raided and wiped, build up again and so on. The risk of being insided is huge when you take in new tribe mates but it is generally a good sign if they can build up and hang around on the same server for a while, so someone maybe more likely to ignore that risk. Trust is hard to earn.
  4. Anything they built before you changed is owned by them and always will be, anything they build now you changed it belongs to the tribe.
  5. I host a cluster server if you wish to try it. It is pvp but has orp on so you can only be attacked while online but most players are pretty chill.
  6. Its how to play the official game dont like it dont play but dont come here complaining that alphas have more friends and time than you to play so its unfair. WC won't do anything about it as they are playing as intended so as I said if you wish to keep playing official you have the two options I already presented.
  7. You would be wrong. It is completely within the code of conduct to do. If you find it that much of an issue then either fight them or change server.
  8. Nope your stuck with it. If you wish to play without tether you must play official or unofficial
  9. Personally I keep large mounts like wyverns inside my gated areas, relying on turrets to cover them
  10. The more important question is why aren't you hatching the eggs where you want them?
  11. Same as it will be in 30 days after the transfers open. If you can't hack it then try PvE or host your own server and have no transfers on that.
  12. There isnt a good reason why that would happen.
  13. I love the squeals in global when you tranq someone popcorn their gear and leave them in a 1x1 metal box in handcuffs.
  14. Sorry I'm not that helpful as your speed is the only other issue i could think of which shouldn't be an issue as you can play official fine.
  15. If its only occurring on your friends server and not on officials then it seems like your friend's upload speed isnt up to the task.
  16. Should've learned your lesson the first time, move obviously
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