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  1. Ah yes Im here on the forum I can help, what is the issue?
  2. If you find people let me know I would love to see the INSIDE of their tribe
  3. The game works though it just simply isnt at the same patch as the steam version. Plus looking at the never ending trend linux and mac games usually start off life at same pace/patch rate but then eventually fall behind the issues of porting cause issues and then the lower number of general players usually means support ends for that version. So this isn't a new thing and honestly linux/mac should be on their own officals just like xbox/ps4 rather than with steam. I can see where the frustration comes from but at the end of the day its a different version because its being ported onto an inferior system.
  4. They also sell it on the switch and mobile both of which are greatly under supported. But just like switch owners you chose to purchase the game on a lower platform so you accepted tge risks of it not getting full on steam support
  5. Thats the spirit blame the devs cause you choose to play on a system that is under supported with everything.
  6. Anky cool looking, good utility and has fair base damage.
  7. Its easier to blame things that dont exist than face short comings though.
  8. Sounds like you are better off, if tames die to an alpha raptor you had nothing worth while to begin with.
  9. Dont get your hopes up, every console is running a different patch version of the game.
  10. Complaining bout moderation action is against the rules
  11. Still right even if not nice. Anyway yeah submit a ticket cause none of us can change anything even if we wanted to.
  12. Sucked in you dirty cheat that is what you deserve a nice permaban
  13. You know I get that this is a forum and everyone is psychic but I do wanna know where you got the logic of B they are not willing to do anything to fix it. Not disclosing plans or giving status updates certainly doesn't equal not willing.
  14. Transfers to and from other maps is locked when a map launches so people can play it fresh not due to bugs and val was no different. I would say though your % is still and out and would be round the 50% mark, plenty of players like myself only really jump back on ark to play the new maps/tames. Every EA player I know has accepted majority of the bugs that have been in since the beginning.
  15. Yep as well as bringing across your lvl 600 gigas. Only on a non dedicated though
  16. Mods aren't really support on xbox in general seeing as how broken they can be, so it would probably be best if you accepted that you wont see mod support for ark on xbox.
  17. Why would you want to stop cryo pods from being stolen? If you dont like it play single playet where they are safe. Its a great mechanic in pvp and makes using them a tough descion use dinos as defense or hide them to reduce your profile, in pve just like blueprints and the like they should be locked away cause living in a non violent neighborhood doesn't mean your not living next to a criminal.
  18. People destroy your stuff because they can no other reason.
  19. You got insided and your losses included a wyvern. That is all the ingredients of a feel good story.
  20. I love these sorts of feel good stories. The statement isn't confusing at all
  21. Plenty of ways to play, if you are no good that is on you.
  22. You can cage someone forever it is not against the coc.
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