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  1. People destroy your stuff because they can no other reason.
  2. You got insided and your losses included a wyvern. That is all the ingredients of a feel good story.
  3. I love these sorts of feel good stories. The statement isn't confusing at all
  4. Plenty of ways to play, if you are no good that is on you.
  5. You can cage someone forever it is not against the coc.
  6. Here is your answer just try a cave with what you have and learn from that you will either lose your tames or clear the cave, no one can actually tell you what the better option is because we dont have the stats of your tames or know the settings you are playing on. How bout though you lose the attitude towards those who are trying to help you. Claiming you have experience in ark while asking silly questions/making just sadly noobish statements doesn't really add up so people obviously tried to help you.
  7. Why should u get a rollback cause you abuse a game mechanic to try and hide your mounts? You deserve to lose them
  8. You wont get your stuff back so dont hold your breath.
  9. Try turning it on. Tek transmitter doesnt need a tek generator.
  10. He complains saying he has to use traps, which is flat out wrong same as complaining all the maps are full of pillars. I dont care if they want to use traps. It just shows how useless they are when they resort to complaining about things that aren't true rather than surviving and showing a small degree of problem solving skills by doing a simple task without relying on all the youtube "how to tame an argie" vids.
  11. If you were right then this thread wouldn't exist.... needing a trap to catch an argie is a joke, same as claiming all the maps are covered in pillars.
  12. Ugh the only thing worse than a bob complaining bout tribes having an easier time than single players, is a PvE playerwith more than 6 months playtime who still cant figure out how to play
  13. Wow new players are just flat out useless
  14. Its cute you think WC care at all about user error. If your stuff is lost its on you and no one will replace it
  15. Hahaha sucked in really such is ark life.
  16. Clearly I speak English and well honestly wont help you unless you request things in English
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