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  1. Well guess you just need to get rid of the original bee hive and your problem is solved
  2. Yet still people do take your "risk" guess your theory is wrong. Also I never said there wasn't real cases of admin abuse just that people will use it as an excuse with zero evidence supporting it. You still see it on the officials with people claiming zero reason dev wipes or that one humorous post accusing GMs of spawning wilds in their pen. The problem is however when people just spread the worthless advice of avoid unofficials cause you will just encounter admin abuse.
  3. By chance have you tried catching another bee to test if its just something going wrong with the current hive you have?
  4. Lower difficulty will lower the level of dinos in caves but really you will always need to prepare accordingly to take in caves
  5. Kill your tames and then more space will be available
  6. Just use a standard sort of pen with a stone dino gate. Use tames to kill the unwanted ones
  7. See this is the biggest issue, people love to pull "admin abuse" for zero reason. For example on my cluster the island has slightly higher rates but lower lvl dinos than the other maps to server as a beginner map. One tribe came along and were fighting others no biggie but when one of the more advanced tribes (we got maybe 3 tribes who argue over which is alpha) from ragnarok transfered over and used a rock elemental to wreck said tribe they were crying "admin abuse" til the cows came home. Moral is rather than accept that time equals more goods and power (usually) people are quick to find any excuse to make themselves feel better. Its a problem with Ark in general but worse on unofficial where the warcry of the weak is "admin abuse".
  8. Boohoo people have been playing this game long before you bought it on sale.
  9. A. Building under the mesh will indeed leed to a dev wipe. B/C. They brought this up in a community crunch a while back but basically because of the way they made the game/maps they can have instakill zones in certain parts and if they placed it just all round it would damage actual gameplay areas. Basically its broken because they didn't anticipate people being worthless dregs when they built the game and its unfortunately too late now to fix it as it would be easier to make a new game rather than try and fix the maps without breaking everything. Honestly its a lose/lose for them because a small percentage of the player base can't play fair. D. Yes the punishment for being caught undermesh is indeed dev wipe and possibly character ban. They don't have the man power for the full investigations that some players expect. Which means a dev wipe is the best choice really. I mean look at it this way a player like yourself builds a turret under their base for defense from meshers no malice intended but they get reported for undermeshing, A GM doesn't have all the time in the world to look into history and risk talking to people who are just lying so they login and see a structure under the mesh regardless of its intent it is against the rules so bam dev wipe. Ultimately it is unfortunate but it is the best solution cause im sure players like yourself would be quite upset if you got a permanent global ban for just trying to defend yourself from cheaters. Its hard to enjoy a game knowing cheaters can get away with poor behavior but two wrongs do not make a right. Ark is an amazing game with sadly many flaws that can ruin your experience.
  10. Give it a whistle and see if its name appears trying to move to you. Odds are it popped out under the mesh
  11. Dude I get you think im taking the Mickey but if you put a touch of effort into looking you will see people complaining maybe 2 months back that it is the new meta to get people to put turrets under the mesh and then report em to have them wiped. ^This exactly.
  12. When you get dev wiped cause a mega tribe files 1000 reports of your meshed turrets dont come here complaining about it
  13. No it is cheating and will get you wiped
  14. You really do complain about everything in this game. Also you play PvE just start on a new regular server, it takes sweet no time to level up and its not like you have to worry bout others killing you.
  15. Crossbow and tranq arrows. They swim right to you if you stand in the water just in the shallower part that they wont go in. They are definitely one of the easiest tames, just experiment with how deep in the water you go before they stop coming foward at you
  16. Textures are only an issue during first load if there is heavy lag or on extinction for some reason but its across all 3 types of xbox, so i assume they just messed up the code while doing the map. Honestly besides not having the "true sky" and other extras the X has I dont notice the difference when swapping which console I play on.
  17. Tbh the game does function properly most of the time on the standard xbox. I run multiple consoles and when changing room so I swap from the standard to S to X or vice versa besides graphical difference the game runs just fine. I will also add with a total of 3 standard consoles (one being day one edition) its hardly a case of "only works for you everyone else it doesn't". With the caveat that before my internet speed got increased I did have a fair bit of crashing regardless of console, perhaps that means its faulty code related to connection?
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