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  1. No its not valid you could've been ready to defend yourself and avoided this whole issue. Either way sucked in I know of plenty of characters which have been imprisoned for more than 2 years and no support does not assist people in this instance.
  2. There is nothing wrong with this situation at all welcome to pvp. Nothing is preventing you from playing the game on a different server or mode. If you wish to use the "I want to play with my character" argument then you should've done better to protect yourself and avoid this situation in the first place.
  3. Nope u have to buy it again. Its not even expensive not like we are talking bout buying a car its a game.
  4. That group attack idea is just dumb and I don't recommend you do that.
  5. You and your friends quiting cause you cant hack it certainly doesn't mean the gane is dying just means you are weak. Ark is doing great at the moment for player count. Maybe you should try pve or if that is too difficult you can always try Minecraft.
  6. If you truly wanted to support them you would pay full price. Still no reason to go on sale just to suit the poor.
  7. Hardly a die hard player if you dont own it....
  8. Select chosen ammo then select weapon for it to go in
  9. No you paid 35 bucks for genesis not for a place on official servers.
  10. No worries im glad to help. Quick thing on the events yep you are right the option to set events is there but it only effects events like easter and xmas (the colours and gifts not rates) not the weekend evo events. On that note though the best part of running a server is you can set the rates to something you are more comfortable with. Personally I play on an unofficial with 5x tame and 3x Gather because well I work alot and want my playtime in game to be accomplishing things. Either way have fun
  11. Ah yes of course cause you know the virus will be gone by then so all good ey.
  12. 1. Yes they do starve however as the game isn't running while you are offline it is a lot harder to kill dinos through neglect. 2.Yes all stats will be draining even if you are offline as a server is persistent and time passes even with lack of players 3. Yes the game will keep on keeping on even with no players which means unless you have orp wild dinos could attack. 4. Yes as above everything goes on the game becomes a real world on a server and doesn't need players for stuff to occur. 5.If you stop the server it wont appear on the join lists and no one can play it til you turn it back on, time will not pass and when you turn it on it will start from its last save spot. Side note here if you plan on stopping it while not playing then just stick to local as its free vs paying nitrado, the only point to a server is having a constant world. 6. No WC events only effect officials. 7.10 is indeed the smallest server you can host but yes at any point you can ban a player from it or even make it password protected so the only people who can play are ones you allow. Look running a server in ark is great, as long as you can play once every 2 weeks then you have nothing to worry bout in the way of dinos starving to death. Regardless of if you plan on doing PvP or PvE I personally recommend you leave your server without a password and on so it is open to the public 9/10 times you will have a good time with others online and hey if you dont you can always just ban them.
  13. Is that right? Huh I could've sworn I've read in the ps4 patch notes multiple time since the ps4 release that they have fixed the blue screening issues. I also could've sworn that WC said the port was done by abstraction. I don't have the PS4 version so I dont actually care either way
  14. WC has fixed blue screening on PS4 multiple times but it is a port and that comes with issues. Point is they have acknowledged and fixed it alot in the past. Fair sure your issue is with abstraction not WC
  15. I haven't drunk enough to read this correctly
  16. A lvl 150 giga knocked out with a standard crossbow takes under 700 arrows... you either put too much time between your shots or play on non standard settings
  17. Guy is literally doing nothing wrong, dont like his mana kill it you know pvp.
  18. Tame a sarco and shark problem solved. I have 2 sarcos followimg my turtle and have zero issues in the ocean
  19. Why waste resources powering servers in a dirthole? If you want SA servers host them yourself
  20. Please dont make multiple threads on tge same subject. Also try hard resetting your xbox as this honestly sounds like a client issue rather than server/host issue.
  21. Seriously though no one on the forum cares if you play or not. Feel free to cry over this though champ.
  22. No one cares if you stop playing.
  23. Yep welcome to the digital age where if you don't have decent speeds you are lower class.
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