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  1. Quit sniffing the paint thinner and come back when you make sense.
  2. When hunting others one should harvest their skin
  3. When you build something knowing it will be there tomorrow is amazing
  4. So much land to build on its like single player with others
  5. Can't fix rubbish players duping
  6. The reason I couldn't tell if you were serious or not was because in WoW that lvl 100 is better than you hence the level same as ark, if you get wiped by a lvl 100 on a 210 wyvern on PvP that is because they are better than you. It isnt unfair to realise that people who have more playtime have better things and are better at the game. While I dont play that way I do understand the fact that PvP is where the monsters are that kill you cause they are better. Your BF4 comparison doesn't work as that is just luck if you get a tank and waste a medic. But the only reason I chimed up here to begin with is due to the OP falsely stating that PvP players who are better/more powerful have issues in real life cause they partake in killing weaklings in a game.
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