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  1. If only something like a wiki existed to help answer these sorts of questions...
  2. You must be mentally ill, the game works just fine there is zero reason to remove it from sale.
  3. I feel sorry for you thinking there will be a roll back
  4. You will find since the game still works you are entitled to a refund. Maybe in the future though you should invest in a N64 their games cant be patched and therefore you can't have a sook that its being patched.
  5. Why if you were having issues for so long would you possibly think it was a good idea to raise babies?
  6. Oh no whatever will you do two nights of small updates. And seriously guys 20 minutes is the most warning you should be given before a server goes offline
  7. Last post on the matter I can recall from WC was maybe 3 years back but maybe a mod can recall a more recent comment.
  8. For once on here I dont overly feel like arguing but I will point out that its not the game that people are putting fees on its access to the privately run server. Also your other examples work because those companies haven't released access for players to set up their own servers in essence WC have authorized limited use of the Ark IP.
  9. You could not be more wrong. It is 100% legal as the server owner is providing a service and if you dont wish to pay for that service then they do not have to provide it to you.
  10. See that is exactly what I said, "if you are using default settings" obviously you are not so honestly no one here can answer your question. Just fight it and if you dont win reset your save, that is the only way to answer your question.
  11. Straight up if you are using default settings then that rex wont stand a chance. Without knowing the stats its hard to give you a lvl number to aim for but honestly don't bother trying with mounts under lvl 200
  12. No I haven't I just dont care for helping others pointlessly. Uplifting a player from beach scum to wood hermit or higher just ends up watering down the experience for them and if they were going to quit due to struggling to survive then they will still quit just this time it will be when someone doesn't do the work for them.
  13. Play single player learn what you are doing at your own pace, find designs and base builds that work best for you, tame a great deal of dinos so you know which dinos you want and how to tame them. Dont try and learn on official or you will end up either becoming disheartened from doing things the hard way like you are or get gifts from older players and you wont learn the basics and end up screwed when you start over eventually.
  14. This has got to be one of the poorest ideas I've heard in a while. A new player can learn how to play in single player rather than being a hobo waiting for handouts on servers. New players should understand that if an older player didn't kill them in some way then that was a kindness.
  15. That information is wrong, if anything as it becomes more common it means less chance of stuff being returned to you. Honestly though you don't deserve your stuff back.
  16. I do like the sound of that. Plus it could encourage people to play during the week.
  17. See its this mentality that is why I wish they would reduce evo weekends by 2/3 and then maybe even go one step further and have throwback weekends once a month where all rates return to original so .5
  18. I enjoyed reading this very much thank you.
  19. No one here can or will help you. Your only option is to submit a ticket and await assistance no other way round it, except for quit playing or start over I guess.
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