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  1. retrojoe

    Character lost

    Join the long list of people who lost their char for good and start again. From personal experience the CS wasn't any help.
  2. retrojoe

    Whats the deal?

    Why is it dinos are scared of you and flee?? It's getting beyond annoying to the point where using a Rare Flower reacts more like a fear bombs instead of an aggro mechanic. There are situations where the dino SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING from you. These are carnivores. A Giga should not be running from a NAKED ON THE BEACH.
  3. Whats your favourite new feature for release? These are mine.
  4. retrojoe

    So no phoenix?

    People really cant read. Its in the announcements that it will be later this week. "It won't be long before we add two new members to our ever growing family of critters (with the Otter joining us today on PC, with the Phoenix and additional Tek Gear coming later this week!), as well as items, additional gameplay elements and more. ARK has only just scratched the surface, and there is a long future ahead, survivors everywhere will get to experience something out of this world."
  5. retrojoe

    Official Server launch timeframe

    Not out yet. Dont listen to this guy.
  6. retrojoe

    Official Server launch timeframe

    xbox update was on time
  7. retrojoe

    Official Server launch timeframe

    RIP 1:30am
  8. retrojoe

    Official Server launch timeframe

    me too lol
  9. Clearly for the electrical storms.
  10. retrojoe

    PC Update Availability

    Well doesnt look like we'll hit the ground running, we'll just start a base then everyone will get dc for a patch
  11. retrojoe

    PC Update Availability

    Anyone able to download the update? we were hoping to download the patch before the servers dropped. Word is you can download it in Germany. I'm aware its 8am-10am for the servers to come up, but will the update be available before the servers go live.
  12. 10-15 should be the tribe limit imo.
  13. retrojoe

    Day Zero: Server Information

    cheers lad.
  14. I'm gona be a positive popeye and say 7am or earlier !