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  1. Change your setting to Maximum Performance you will notice a big rise in your frequency
  2. I have found that you can turn up the processor frequency in the power options. By default it is 5%
  3. I give up with the problem, I am going to change the processors to ones with a higher frequency speed. I am reading forums where they say that anything below 3.5Ghz will give problems.
  4. No, I couldn't make that comparison. I have only seen the processor frequency go up at the moment I launch the 5 servers (2.45 GHz). Once the servers are available, it goes back down to (1.26GHz). This afternoon I will try to test with the same people.
  5. I am having the same problem. My server starts with 20 Ping and little by little without people it goes up. A single server with 16 people can reach 100 ping quickly. WorkStation HpZ620 CPU: 2 x E5-2696v2 (24Core 48Threads 2.5 GHz)RAM: 64 GBSSD M.2: 1 TB Samsung 970EvoPlusSO: Windows 10 Pro for WorkStationRed: 600Mb 5 Servers with 1 player only on my new Workstation 2 Servers. 1 of them Crossplay with a total of 11 players right now. I have got to have adding the 2 servers 140 players playing 90/100 ping. I am also thinking that that processor frequency may be the cause of these pro
  6. He discovered that it is in automatic mode https://gyazo.com/1ce89d50729a3a5ff087d2181ad506e0
  7. I have all the default settings, as they are when you install Windows. I've never needed to touch anything to make it work well. I have 600M symmetric. The capture that I am attaching is with 1 single server and 16 people. https://gyazo.com/5ed0742b18e65827a3af211a0f4319d8
  8. I use the non-ATM port. But I don't understand how with only 2 servers on Ram's 64Gb workstation my players go to 150 ping.
  9. Right now I can't look at it anymore. I put the servers back in the Ryzen. The WorkStation has 2 Network connections one of them indicates AMT.
  10. My old server is a Ryzen 5 1600 X with 32Gb of ram. It has managed to support this past week 2 Crystal Isles servers with 140 players but the ping was already very unstable with peaks of 150/200. Looking at the task manager of my new Workstation I see that the servers consume 2% of CPU and 7Gb of Ram per server. The typical. The problem is that with 50/60 players the Ping is already shot reaching 150. I don't know where the problem may be.
  11. Good afternoon, I write here so as not to create a new thread with almost the same information. I've been managing small Ark servers for 2 years with moments of up to 70 players. Last week I decided to take the step to invest in a workstation. Hp 620 with dual Xeon 2696v2 and 64Gb of Ram, I also added a Samsung 970 Evoplus. My surprise comes when I launch 2 Ark servers and with 80 players they are in 150/200 ping. What am I doing wrong? I have been so disappointed that I am about to return everything and continue with my small server. Thank you in advance to everyone who can help me. Excuse
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