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raptorjesus666's Feedback

  1. BloodTear left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Laid back and easy to work with on my first cross ark trade.

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  2. DoomMarine10 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    An excellent trade easy and smooth very hospitable

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  3. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Great trade again with the Raptor of Raptors :D Thanks a lot!

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  4. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Its and pleasure to trade with our lord and saviour Raptorjesus :D Really fast with deliver the ingots and also a super nice trader. Looking forwards for more!

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  5. kaffeejunkey left Positive feedback   

    Fast and simple trade cant wait to trade again :)

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  6. Pilate72 left Positive feedback   

    Friendly trader, great communication, hope to work with again! Thanks!

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  7. iOlsen left Positive feedback   

    Easy to communicate and plan with, came to my server

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  8. PandaLabs left Positive feedback   

    Friendly trader quick and efficient

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  9. Bastipcf left Positive feedback   

    Nice and smooth trade! Def recommended

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  10. Beatrix left Positive feedback   

    Easy trade, very fast and responsive communication. Thanks!

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  11. Stinkfist left Positive feedback   

    Very nice trader, fast and friendly. Would trade again for sure.

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  12. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Smooth and fast trade, plus a really nice trader :) Looking forwards for more!

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  13. Quenche left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, nice, fast, and smooth. No problems with this trader :) Def recommend! +rep

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  14. SugaWatahPurple left Positive feedback   

    This guy was great! gave fair initial pricing for the dino and then was waiting for me at the obelisk. i highly recommend this trader.

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  15. DeviousG left Positive feedback   

    Fast easy trade +++++

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  16. DrRocuronium left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross-ARK Item Trading and Breeding
    Clear communication, great trader, will definitely be trading again.

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  17. Hawktrader74 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Super quick trade. Thanks heaps. Will stay in touch for future business for sure

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  18. Wanny759 left Positive feedback   

    A good experience with this trader. They were very communicative, friendly, and the trade was fast & easy. 10/10 would trade again.

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  19. Oli4 left Positive feedback   

    Fast&smooth trade, thanks! Hope to trade again in the future :)

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  20. Drolord left Positive feedback   

    Traded for over 5+ dinos. He made it very simple to trade, never traded before. He walked me through every step of the way and when I gave him too much he told me.

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  21. MarkTheArkadian left Positive feedback   

    Okay trade! nice guy. would trade again!

    raptorjesus666 was The Seller

  22. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    Too many perfect trades :) allways welcome

    raptorjesus666 was Trading

  23. Jabbakoid left Positive feedback for a topic   


    raptorjesus666 was Trading

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