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  1. Yessssss #TeamTAGO Xbox Servers Gonna have these in the SHOP ASAP
  2. Okay I figured it Out USE THIS to ALLOW 1 Alliance with 2 Tribes Per Alliance ( Keep In Mind this will allow you to CREATE 2 Alliances but ONLY ONE Alliance will actually be allowed. The Extra Alliance that shows if a person creates more than one will ONLY BE CREATED and Listed BUT NO One Would Be able to Join the 2nd Alliance. So if you have 6 man Tribe Limit Set. This Will Allow you to have MAX 12 Players in 1 ALLIANCE, with ability to CREATE a Second Alliance but the Second Alliance will ONLY BE LISTED but inactive MaxAlliancesPerTribe=2 MaxTribesPerAlliance=2 Change the 1 to 2 instead of ... MaxAlliancesPerTribe=1 MaxTribesPerAlliance=2
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