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  1. Thank you for the input! What's the highest damage value you've found so far?
  2. Right but can you find them on Ragnarok in PC?
  3. Can someone answer my question please? My question is will I be able to farm desert drops on Ragnarok in hopes of getting a tropeognathus saddle or BP on console after Crystal Isles launches? Can PC players get tropeognathus saddles/BPs from drops on the island, center, or Ragnarok currently?
  4. Please increase the breeding rates or do something about the imprint timer on official, anyone who has a job and a normal life to maintain basically has to be married to the game if they want to get 100% on top teir dinos.
  5. No tropeognathus spawns on Ragnarok I have spent three different play sessions with over four hours of searching for the tropeognathus with not one sighting, it'd sure be nice if I could tame a few good ones before they go exclusive to Crystal isle.......
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