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  1. Good morning Blockishorc - 

    Thank you for your interest.  Would you do us the favor and apply in the Application Section of our Forum?

    BTW, we are on a PVE server, no one can kill you.


    From our application page:

    We are selective as to whom we accept and at times may place a hold on new memberships.  During these holds, any one not accepted should not see this as a reflection on you or your game-play.  Exceptions will always apply.

    Please include the following:

    • Have you read and agree to our Membership Guidelines
    • How often do you play
    • What do you consider "fun"
    • Previous experience in ARK (if any)

    Membership Guidelines:

    • Taming Dinos
      • You may have multiple personal tames
      • Members have to do the majority of their taming
      • Tribe members will assist with knock-outs and securing the immediate area when needed
      • Tames will be member owned; this will allow you to keep your tames if you ever decide to leave the The First Order o.O
    • Members should be responsible and productive; all for one and one fro all.  
      • Please assist by gathering resources; anything helps.  If everyone helps, we'll all have the cool toys!
    • We are a pretty laid back Tribe
      • We like to have fun and game-chat is always on
      • As long as you are "mature" (we're playing a video game) and contribute to the whole, you will be a welcomed addition



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    2. BlockishOrc
    3. Silencedeath


      Your alliance still recruiting? I have read the agreement and would like to join. I play daily about 4-5 hours but recently my whole ally disbanded now I am looking for new alliance. I enjoy building base and taming, would like to say that i am a veteran players with exception of boss fights. Gamer tag silencedeath773 

    4. Triggeredx


      I have read the agreement, I usually play an hour or two everyday

      previos exp: I'm a 76, I quit playing due to other members moving away from game.  I'm back after an ext absence but have retrieved my character.  I don't mind grinding out and building, I like to build unique things and structures. Fun for me is the thrill of the hunt.  I like chasing and taking a target tame down, I also like hitting the caves gt: triggeredx