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  1. Completely foolish post. Look at you listing all the very things that goes on in PvP. But you see, PvE servers run by the responsible do not ALLOW such foolishness on their servers. We don't have these issues on our servers because, we do not ALLOW it. Admins take an active role. It's as simple as that.
  2. Dude, give up on Official altogether. It's a toxic community that WC let's run free. WC doesn't care. As a few others have said, find an UNoffical, modded, PvE server. Many server owners will not tolerate such B.S. on their servers. Grievers get perma-bans the first time. No exceptions. There are a FEW good people on official but, a large portion are the lowbies of society. But again, it falls squarely on the shoulders of WC. They give a flying s!*t what goes on in their servers. They never will. GL.
  3. Best bet is to find an unofficial, PvE server. It's well known Official PvP servers are toxic af.
  4. Found turning off light bloom helped with the glare.
  5. It hasn't occurred for me from teleporting. It's a constant state which for me, doesn't change when logging. Most noticeable as dusk hits and, changes into night.
  6. Constant Haze In the Air Since Genesis released, I now have a constant haze at all times. Looks like a very light fog/smoke everywhere you look. It's terrible at night as it causes glare from any light source. Have tweaked what settings I thought might improve it but, nothing. How many others have this issue? Has anyone found/read of a solution? Thanks, all. *Cue 'In the Air of the Night'*
  7. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that I didn't play it. That is exactly how I came to my conclusion. At no time did I state anything referencing those purchasing. I believe I stated, " Mostly kids defending the mess. Adults know when something is poorly done and, admit it." I stand by my statement. But, I shall expound further to clarify for you. Most adults gain experience and, judgement skills through life experience and, know when something is wrong, unsatisfactory, etc. and, can generally, readily acknowledge it. Kids(children, pre-adolescents, teens) tend to react emotionally with
  8. You ARE in the wrong forum thread. This forum is for the now defunct 'Survival of the Fittest' mod which no longer exists.
  9. Completely agree. Just a really bad, xpac. Re-used biomes, re-skinned dinos with nothing more than an 'X' before the name, glitches, bugs everywhere, just not worthy. People are such suckers. 'OMG....look! A new dinos!' Lame. Horrendous implementation. People are mad because game-breaking bugs are all over the place. Well.........it is from WC. Did anyone expect anything else? Mostly kids defending the mess. Adults know when something is poorly done and, admit it. Stick to unofficial servers with mods. That's the only reason this game has survived and, it's the only thing that makes it worth
  10. Genesis Resets all Option Settings & Tek Engrams Once Genesis is installed, it restores all settings(Audio, video, key-bindings, etc.) to default settings.
  11. It's still an issue to this day. They refuse to address it. Maybe, they'll create a season pass that includes bug fixes. Ohhhhh or, micro-bug transactions!
  12. Text Render Items Bug Is there an statement on the 'Text Render' bug that surfaced with the last update that we can point people toward to let them know WC is aware of the issue and, is working on a patch? As I've come to understand, and experienced myself, this bug is affecting any item of a text render object which on placement causes a crash back to desktop, ie signs, bill-boards, vaults, etc.
  13. No. Just no. Please, stop. ARK is a mess of a game, riddled with bugs. All those clamoring for more expacs...... stop. Stieglitz and Co have learned nothing. They will take your money and leave you with a hot mess. Are you people really that stupid? They haven't learned anything. Hell, it wasn't his game to begin with! What's truly sad is they haven't any real business sense whatsoever. If you're wise, you learn. No one's learning anything. You want widespread success and, loyalty from PAYING consumers, you put out a good product, fix it when it breaks, communicate with your player base and,
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