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  1. We would all like to know of there is any update on the bug, please? @Redmen - Cert?
  2. No. Just no. Please, stop. ARK is a mess of a game, riddled with bugs. All those clamoring for more expacs...... stop. Stieglitz and Co have learned nothing. They will take your money and leave you with a hot mess. Are you people really that stupid? They haven't learned anything. Hell, it wasn't his game to begin with! What's truly sad is they haven't any real business sense whatsoever. If you're wise, you learn. No one's learning anything. You want widespread success and, loyalty from PAYING consumers, you put out a good product, fix it when it breaks, communicate with your player base and, continue accepting and implementing what your PAYING, player base asks for. That's how you run a company. Nothing impressive here. Just another EA/Activision/Bethesda hybrid concerned with nothing more than the bottom line. No more content. Let it end.
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