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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure to check out the attached image. During an electrical storm on scorched earth there were a whole lot of black triangles in the sky around the area. This was in singleplayer on an original xbox one, on the latest patch available at the time (5:04:37pm on 1/3/2018 AEST).
  2. ZephyrusSpring

    Windows 10 release?

    All Xbox save files are stored locally and in the cloud. You can test this yourself by deleting the save file of a game you don't care about, then load the game and it'll say something about syncing your data which means its downloading your save file back again. My xbox save file for Recore was there in the windows 10 version as well, if Ark doesn't function the same way I'll be surprised.
  3. ZephyrusSpring

    Swamp cave

    Grab a baryonyx, load them up with fish meat in the nearby river and bob's your uncle. I've found getting right up in the arthro's face is the best way to avoid getting hit by its spit attack. Kill them from range when you can though. When attacking the dragonflys I've found looking to the side gives the best attack hit box.
  4. ZephyrusSpring

    Broodmother xp

    The rexes standing behind the broodmother usually level up a few times from all the spiders they kill, but yeah I don't see why the bosses aren't worth a decent chunk of xp.
  5. ZephyrusSpring

    AFK Fix incoming - Source : Reddit

    I don't get why everyone is hung up on using macros to bypass it. Who cares. Would you prefer a robot slaving away to feed baby dinos or someone standing completely still doing nothing? Or someone not spawned in at all? Some of the tasks you need to do in this game are so mindless that its easy to make a macro to do it for you. Does it really make a difference if there's a person behind the wheel?
  6. ZephyrusSpring

    Things that should be added to xbox edition

    I call Tapejaras "builder birds" for that exact reason.
  7. It seems Daeodon are once again affected by an old bug that was fixed not long after they were released. The symptoms match this thread, the pigs only heal a single dino at a time and drain their food almost immediately with 19 other dinos nearby (boss party), they don't even heal that one dino by very much either.
  8. ZephyrusSpring

    is it true

    I would imagine that 3 million figure is the number of hardcopies sold to retailers around the world. I highly doubt there are 3 million more people wanting to play Ark that haven't already bought it during early access.
  9. ZephyrusSpring

    Better save implementation on servers

    The framerate cutting in half for a few seconds is better than the game freezing completely for those few seconds. Even a low effort implementation didn't make it, so as I said there's obviously a major issue.
  10. ZephyrusSpring

    Flyer Speed Suggestion

    What would happen if someone levelled up a flyer in movement speed and then disabled that checkbox? What would happen when they re-enabled it?
  11. ZephyrusSpring

    Better save implementation on servers

    As I understand it they've been working on multithreading for a while now. They almost released it a while ago but pulled the plug because they weren't 100% happy with it. Granted I've never even looked in the devkit before, generally multithreading stuff isn't that hard. There's obviously some kind of problem or they would have multithreaded the saving years ago.
  12. ZephyrusSpring

    Suggestions for the TLC pass for Legacy dinos

    I dunno about the pick up mechanic. I'm sure its a cool Jurassic Park moment but it'll get real old real fast if Rexes were doing it constantly. Without some way to block predators from picking you up it'll just turn the land game into what the sea game is: Basilo or bust. Fighting a high level Megalosaurus on a wolf/saber/bary is already challenging.
  13. ZephyrusSpring

    Armors that need a boost

    Cloth is fine, it's armour you can make in 2 mintes of harvesting and provides good protection from the elements but not much else. Hide armour should have 0 heat protection rather than -25. It's an early game armour and typically when you start heading inland from the beach you find yourself in the hot jungle climates. I think fur could do with more armour. The north is a lot more dangerous than it used to be and fur is the entry level requirement into the area. Wolf pack buff, boars, purlovias, yuty's, and the occassional allo pack. Engram fur should give 250 to 300 armour. It's important to maintain the balance between armours and buffing fur puts chitin armour at risk. However I believe the high maintenance cost of fur and awful heat performance will keep it from being an early go-to armour for non-northerners. As long as fur (the resource) stays unique to the north and sheep remain reasonably rare/dangerous to find it should't be a problem. The counter argument is that things in the north should be nerfed, and I wouldn't necessarily be against it. One to one, wolves are slightly weaker overall than carnos, but they typically spawn in groups of 3 and their pack buff makes them stronger, and they're everywhere in the north. I don't have SE so I have no experience with desert gear but I assume its the go-to armour simply for its heat protection. It's durability is quite low for armour that is crafted in a smithy though. I don't have anything to say about Ghillie. It could have no stats at all and people would still use it for its intended purpose. Chitin could stand to be buffed. The jump from chitin to flak is crazy. I know you get flak 20 levels later and that it costs metal rather than chitin, but I still think everybody dumps chitin once they get to flak. I know that one of the main downsides of chitin is meant to be its poor durability, but flak has +140% better durability. It should be more durable than ghillie because it needs to be crafted in a smithy. I think 70 durability would be a good number. Still significantly less durable than fur and flak but not so brittle that any encounter will send you back to base for repairs. Flak should be the heaviest armour, all this time I've always thought it was an oversight that full metal armour weighed the same as scrappy plant fiber clothes. Flak is the go-to armour because it weighs next to nothing, has good stats all around, and has simple crafting ingredients. The jump in crafting ingredients from flak to riot would be a lot more palatable if it meant dropping 20kg. Armour weights need to be revisited as a whole but flak weight specifically needs to be revised more than any of the others. I don't have much experience with riot gear but I would say its fine where it is. Better armour, heat protection and hopefully weight than flak, as well as a resistance to torpor. The cost is that you get it much, much later in the game and it requires a lot of expensive materials and a fabricator.
  14. ZephyrusSpring

    The console inventory controls need a bit of work...

    Bump. I recommend swapping holding A with pressing X because currently pressing X splits one item off a stack, which somewhat matches the other actions that pressing and double pressing A currently do. I'm not so keen on the transfer all button (currently LB) as we already have an easily accessible button in the UI for it. What we need is a "transfer all stacks of..." button. That could be actioned by holding LB.
  15. Greetings Wildcard team, As I'm sure you are aware, a lot of players have shown their dissasifaction with the removal of the tether distance slider. We have been told multiple times that using an increased tether distance has subtle but serious effects on the game (and console hardware?). I increased the tether distance in my own game so I'm sure my save file is damaged in some way, but practically playing without the tether breathed new life into the game. It really did. So I've been thinking long and hard about possible solutions to remove the need for the tether in the first place. I haven't played around in the devkit and I don't know anything about the software structure that deals with hosting a map. But I do have a background in software engineering so hopefully this suggestion will at least be on the right track. As I understand it, the current system has the host's machine dictating where all the critters are and what they do. The client machines send their inputs to the host which then decides if that was a valid action and what the outcome of that action is. It's very easy to see how a system like this would put a huge stress on the host if players were all over the map, given that the host is also playing and peforming actions and rendering the game. So here's the pitch. What if instead, each dino and resource and whatever else the host has to actively control, is controlled by the machine that rendered them first. More of a p2p system than a host-client. So for example the host logs into the game by themselves and loads up their base and the area around it. Then their neighbour jumps on and loads into the same place. At this point the host is in control of everything. All of the neighbours actions are sent to the host's machine in real time just like in the current system. Then the neighbour decides to go farming for metal on the nearby moutain top which is currently beyond the host's render distance. (I'll call it area of control, AoC). As the neighbour approaches the mountain, everything that loads in for them outside the host's AoC is put under the neighbour's control. So now the neighbour is up on the mountain farming metal, and both players' AoCs are not intersecting. They are both completely controlling their own sections of the map. Periodically, or slowly but constantly, they would merge their versions of the world. It doesn't need to happen quickly because neither player really needs to know what's happening outside their AoC. The only thing that matters is that everything is up to date when they start sharing the same AoC again, or when one player takes control of something that was previously under the control of someone else. The goal of the system is to reduce the pressure on the host by spreading it to the clients. Ideally there wouldn't be any need for a tether at all this way. Potential Issues Some things that may prove to be annoying are: Handling automatic processes like furnaces, cooking, and crafting (is the host in control when no one is in range? or should it be the closest player?). Spawning new critters. Sudden disconnections (in this case maybe include a timestamp so the person with the most up to date version of another person's AoC can share it with everyone else). Control of an entity quickly swapping back and forth between machines (e.g. two players running back and forth out of sync). Players with poor internet will likely reduce the network quality if they have control and other players are within their range. (Consider testing other players' internet quality periodically and creating a hierachy of which players are better suited to control shared areas). Increased upload bandwidth for clients and increased download for the host. Benefits When the player is in control of a remote inventory it will likely improve responsiveness. Similarly, improved responsiveness when in combat with wild dinos. Generally just improved responsiveness across the board. Depending on the implementation with regards to the host's authority, no rubberbanding when you're the one in control. Unfortunately I don't see this offering any improvements to the singleplayer splitscreen folk like myself. It really depends on how the current splitscreen system works and if its anything like the non-dedicated system. I would really appreciate it if you guys explored other solutions to alleviate the tether in splitscreen. I know this is huge, and I don't expect you guys to even think about this for another year at least. It may simply be too much work to warrant pursuing; that's totally fine. I do believe the possibility of no longer needing a tether, without sacrificing performance, is there.