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  1. For me, Abberration is one of the harder maps to start off on, so I would transfer all you can to quickly establish a small base, as you get your bearings. Tame light pets, (as previously mentioned by someone) . Abberration is my favorite map, but can be a bitch when first starting. a GPS will be useful as well , as it takes some time to learn you're way around the map. Since there aren't any OBs that you can use as visual landmarksreally. Also I second the transmitter idea. Really helps on a map like Abb.
  2. The problem is, you are wasting your time playing Genesis. It is a total disaster fail of a map, and is not even worth playing, EVER. It is a horrible lag and bug fest. Save yourself the headache, and play the other maps instead.
  3. I've been playing ark over 3 years, thousands of hours played. I've never experienced, not heard of the problem you are experiencing. Are you feeding the correct foods? Some dinos eat berries, others eat meat, and others eat fish.
  4. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster - PvE So today on my cluster's discord, the admins and owner talked up doing total map wipes, to try an improve performance, and to get rid of abandoned structures. I literally have been on this cluster from day. (started in August 2019) and thus have my bases on each map in pretty much my first choice location. So not only will I have to rebuild the bases, but I have to hope that someone doesn't beat me to it after the map wipes. They said that they will provide a temp server for people to transfer their tames and resources to,
  5. People make mistakes, especially people new to the game. You can still be helpful to the tribe by working hard at what you do know. Gather resources or craft up needed things, like sparkpowder or narcotics, etc. Show your tribemates that you aren't lazy and a noob, just a noob that is willing to learn and work hard. Most will forgive you, and should take the time to help you learn more things. As far as losing dinos. I would strongly suggest working towards trading with someone to get yourself some of your "own" dinos. Then you don't need to put your tribemates dinos at risk anymore.
  6. I have sadly TOO MANY dinos with names like "Dam TBird, Dam Scorp, Dam Allo, Dam Raptor, etc.)
  7. You should look into unofficial servers. smaller player count a lot of times, and restrictions on base size and tames limits so the lag usually is much less.
  8. I'm sorry, but you are not. I AM THE WORST Bloodstalker rider of all time! In fact my Bloodstalkers just sit at my base, because I don't even find them enjoyable to use.
  9. PS4 - UNofficial Cluster Well Genesis is as I had feared, a big disappointment, and so buggy and laggy that I don't even enjoy playing on it, and can't do most of the missions as the lag is too bad. Especially in the Ocean biome which is just terrible. Plus the invisible attackers on the Lunar biome have ruined that biome, so no one goes to it, plus the Bog biome is just dark, boring and annoying, so no one goes there either. Basically Artic and Volcano are the only playable biomes on our cluster. My cluster only allows one base per tribe on Genesis, so bases aren't
  10. PS4 - Boosted Cluster Download New update all night. Log in this morning, spawn in the "easy" bog zone. Die repeatedly for 30 minutes., Log out. Turn off PS4. Thanks for nothing Genesis.
  11. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Well I have been busy with work, so I haven't been posting much here, but I have continued playing ARK. On my main unofficial cluster, I went on a Giga spree, and have tamed 4 gigas in the last 3 days. A max level female, a near max level male (that I hit with an extra dart by accident) a decent level female, and then last night I tame a crap level but event colored female. Last weekend was my first times ever taking on the bosses on the Valguerro map, and my combination of Rexs, Tek Rexs and Reapers managed to handle the Gamma bosses multiple
  12. Sounds like you have officially met the TROODONS!
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