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  1. For me, Abberration is one of the harder maps to start off on, so I would transfer all you can to quickly establish a small base, as you get your bearings. Tame light pets, (as previously mentioned by someone) . Abberration is my favorite map, but can be a bitch when first starting. a GPS will be useful as well , as it takes some time to learn you're way around the map. Since there aren't any OBs that you can use as visual landmarksreally. Also I second the transmitter idea. Really helps on a map like Abb.
  2. The problem is, you are wasting your time playing Genesis. It is a total disaster fail of a map, and is not even worth playing, EVER. It is a horrible lag and bug fest. Save yourself the headache, and play the other maps instead.
  3. I've been playing ark over 3 years, thousands of hours played. I've never experienced, not heard of the problem you are experiencing. Are you feeding the correct foods? Some dinos eat berries, others eat meat, and others eat fish.
  4. Your problem is that you are still trying to play Genesis. That DLC is a complete worthless clusterf**K. Why waste your time.
  5. Check YouTube for PHLINGER PHOO video. Pretty good at explaining how to do it.
  6. WHich map? Ever since last fall, I can no longer find any nests on Ragnarok, and I know exactly where they should be spawning. However on Valguero, I find them on a regular basis. So I think Rag is just busted still.
  7. SOrry, Wildcard won't do anything for a problem in your single player game. Either spawn in a replacement, or just move on.
  8. Well known problem for PS4 since Genesis launched. Annoying as heck
  9. Because I don't explain it very well, I suggest you youtube some recent videos about mutations in ARK. There is a lot of good information out there.
  10. When you are close to a person on the server, you may hear them if they have a mic. as you get farther away,m you shouldn't be able to hear them anymore
  11. Color events are not working on my unofficial cluster. Its a Wildcard thing.
  12. I am constantly amazed by the new people to ARK who haven't figured out that if they want to be better at PvP, they should try PvE. They can learn the maps and the best hiding spots without getting killed. They can learn to craft and grind and tame the best without getting raided or trolled while doing it. Then when they have this experience, they can flip to PvP and start out with a much bigger headstart. Or like many , they find a great server/cluster in PvE and realize that they can have a great time and stay.
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