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  1. NajaNivea

    How did you die last?

    I accidentally pressed "E" during flying instead of spyglass without parachute. Just the usual...
  2. NajaNivea

    When is the Valentine event?

    The amount of time is same, but is important when it starts. The EU players have only 5-7 hours from midnight to hatch anything and grove up to juvenile, after than we need to go work/school/anywhere, becasue the event on weekdays. Ofc without any sleeping, and ofc without imprints. When the event will be weekend it's not important when it starts, because it's weekend and everybody have a time for breed.
  3. NajaNivea

    When is the Valentine event?

    The 6pm EST is midnight in Europe... C'mon WildCard... only 2 days in middle of a week (!!!), only 3x eff and starting at midnight? It's a bad joke...
  4. NajaNivea

    When is the Valentine event?

    Have you ever bought a rubber bone toy for your dog? This only two days Valentine event middle of a week on workdays is same rubber bone toy for us... And the Wildcard: YES! We did it! Enjoy!
  5. NajaNivea

    Once again Thanks ! Merci !

    Our tribe played maybe one year long in one offcial server (now it's named Legacy, and will be close) but we all knew: the game was in early access, and all old servers are "test" servers before launch. When the game leaved early access, and some "new" servers are opened, we discussed, and our tribe left the legacy, left more than 2000 played hours in "old" offcial, left hundred of breeded animals, gigas, wyverns, quetzals, lost of mutations, metal bases, asc. stuffs, etc... we left everything, becasue we all know: the test servers (aka. Legacy) once WILL BE CLOSED. I don't understand why everyone is surprised when that happens... Legacy = early access test servers, and the game leaved early access long time ago...
  6. NajaNivea

    Favorite part about maps?

    Island: here is a long river between the Vulcano and the "old" snow biome (Whitesky now) with some waterfalls. This is my favorite part of Island. I love to build glass houses on top of whichever waterfalls and above river with many-many colorful artifacts under the glass cellings (ofc in PVE ) Center: Underground World, ofc, this is the most beautiful part of this map, and the Cliffside Cavern's Ice castle beautiful too, but almost on every server some retards building inside of the ice castle and they ruin the sight. Scorched Earth: I don't see any beauty in this map. The SE is desolate, barren, sands and predators everywhere. I don't like to live here, it's just about survival and tame, nothing else. Ragnarok: I really don't like this map, because here is everything (SE animals as well, SE materials too, cave animals on surface, etc) it's too easy for a veteran players. I know, nice and big, but meh, I leave it to someone else.
  7. NajaNivea

    Mushroom on Crops

    The rare mushroom and rare flower spoil time is 3 days, and these are in 100 / stack, so after three days you already have 99 (if you don't put into refrigerator). If you bring your Thery, Mammoth or Anky into swamp in offcial without any event, you will get hundreds or thousands rare flowers/mushrooms in half hour gathering, which is enough for a month or more. If everybody can farming rare plants in crop plots they will no longer be "rare".
  8. NajaNivea


    For info: here is an already topic for this new dino ideas
  9. NajaNivea

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    It's only marketing. The BattlEye banned one million !!!! cheaters in PUBG, so now the PUBG in the news = cheaters heaven. The BattlEye found lots of cheaters in ARK too, but Wildcard not ban anyone = no cheaters ban, no bad news about ARK, everything is silent... But this is NOT FAIR against normal ordinary players. ...and the WildCard: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. NajaNivea

    Megalania Toxin

    Ok, you're right, my bad. In SE still in caves. I remembered all cave animals are in surface on SE, as Beetle, Arthropluera, Scorpio or Boa, etc. but I was wrong.
  11. NajaNivea

    Megalania Toxin

    You need Megalania toxins to Megapithecus Beta and Alfa boss, and hard to get thiese in Island, because only SE and Ragna have megalania's in surface. In Island you find only in 4 caves, but one of this is very hard (swamp), and not always there in the other three caves. This is the reason, why big tribes buy toxins for ingots or elements.
  12. NajaNivea

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    I don't want to quote all of your's long text, so here is my opinions: 1. - Kibble : not so may egg farm dinos are in servers, some tribes use almost one couple only of every type of eggers. The tame cap come from the lots of mutations breeding dinos, which are storaged in long long lines (or big vertical buildigs) only for a new another better breeds again. 2. - Rafts. I agree, completely unnecessary to count the rafts into tames, lost of tribes ude rafts to save tame spaces for themselves. 3. - Tibe tame cap. Not the best solutions, I saw many big tribes, who made similar named tribes (Funnytribe, Funnytribe2, FunnyTribe3, etc) to storage our unnecessary dinos in same map in same base. I think one or two of the tribe members quit from main tribe, made an allied similar tribe, and unclaim-claim some dinos, and ally can make building in ally territory, ally feeder affects every ally dinos, and they are playing together same as before (only pincoded some doors) 4. - Account tame cap. This is the BEST idea for solve the tame cap problem and control the mindless mutation breeding mania. If one personal account count the dinos, the big tribes can't cheat to evade this! I love this idea! <3
  13. NajaNivea

    When is the Valentine event?

    Last year we got a good and long breed Valentine event and everybody was happy. If the WildCard not solve the PVE server's tame cap problem, than this year Valentine event will be a big pile of ..... I hope, the WildCard fix this all day's tame cap limit problem before the event (especially when we will got a breed event again).
  14. NajaNivea


    If your roof pieces poorly matches, you will get rain inside too
  15. NajaNivea

    Official servers that will have 2x Taming/resources

    I remember when before the events and before any multiplier the today's normal day 1X was the old 2X, so you can tame 0,5X compared to the current... 150 stego was 12 hours tame with mejo... I'm too old