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      Haven’t yet explored the island of ARK? Nows your chance to get in as ARK has huge discounts with Black Friday coming up, across retail and digital for PS4, Xbox, and Steam!The discounts and sale length may vary across platforms and regions, please continue reading for further sales information! The following prices will be in effect this Friday in North America: Wal-Mart (US Stores) - $29.99 USD (a discount of $30) GameStop (US Stores) - $34.99 USD (a discount of $25) EB Games (Canadian Stores) - $39.99 CAD ARK is also currently on sale in the Xbox Digital Store until 11:00 AM GMT on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017:  ARK: Survival Evolved - 25% off Scorched Earth - 35% off Explorer's Edition - 30% off Season Pass - 25% off ARK is also available on sale now with early access for PS+ members and will be on sale on the 23rd of November for everyone else until Black Friday (27/11).Please note that the discounts may vary based on your region. ARK: Survival Evolved Scorched Earth ARK: Explorer’s Edition ARK: Season pass Complete your ARK Season Pass ARK will also be participating in this year's Steam Autumn Sale! It'll run from now until 6 PM on the 28th of November! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Season Pass


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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Lots of new official PVE servers are reached the server dino cap limit, and nobody can do taming or breeding new dinos. Everybody barks to the other in chat to everybody kill some tamed dinos, but only a few do it. In PVE the 500 tamed dinos / tribes is too much, becasue just a few big tribes can reach the server limit (every tribe have own egg farms). Do you think about to radically reduce the tribe dino limit to solve this problem in PVE?
  2. New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

    All about the money.... all servers have cost, the old and new servers too. We will get new servers only, when the WC close old servers.. so.. it's not logical to keep the old TEST servers only for old test player'sbases and old dinos... the Early Access ended.. this was good point for WC (I mean keep the Legacy) , but you can see: the game is unplayable on officials when the servers hit 70/70. Every day. Every evening. And you still waiting for servers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯