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  1. This is a DLC release, not a patch. If that was the case, ps4 would get it far sooner than xbox.
  2. Eh, just wait. This is Wild Card we are talking about. Console WILL get it November. November 2027, I mean. That you can bet on - WC not meeting their release dates. " but we believe that this extra time will result in an improved experience for everyone who plays Extinction on console. " We've heard this before, No rhyme or reason, and it will still turn out like skit.
  3. I hope you all realize that, despite the complaints, Ragnarok is still a WIP map. It isn’t finished. Just find a hill that you can sink into and see the “bottom of the world.” These problems will be more legit when they fully release it. Seeing as I haven’t had a lot of these problems on the Island, Center, or Scorched, I HOPE they are fixed when Rag is completed.
  4. It is the reason I don’t play on official servers. I’ve lost too much to continue to sink time into it without the payoff. You would think they would be trying to remove all the lagging, rubber banding, and crashes- It’s ridiculous. Maybe they are, but communication is lacking.
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