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  1. Tons of complains and this volunteer moderator decides to respond to the least meaningful post. Where are WC moderators? Anyone?
  2. EU-PVE-462-exctinction crashed again. Anyone reading this?
  3. Also waiting for login lock.....ffs, can't even join other servers. How can official servers be handled so badly?
  4. EU-PVE-Extinction-462 just crashed again.... evry day 1-3 crashes, constant lags, no solution from WC or even a response. They threat us like garbarge.
  5. Isn't here one guy or girl from Wildcard able to respond even a little????
  6. EU-PVE-ext-462 is virtually unplayable as you get dc almost every drop/vein.... then rollback....how can this be working as expected? Being silent isn't gonna make this go away, fixing it will! Change the server hardware, current isn't capable enough!
  7. 118 pages of player instability server reports and wildcard is making dinos more beautiful. Ext-EU-PVE-462 down yet again after 5 sequential mass player dc. Fix the servers 1st then beautify dinos? We need a response from wildcard and not only response, we demand a fix! Joebl0w13 the volunteer moderator does not need to comment this.
  8. They are setting up their make up for the cameras for the event.
  9. Server EU-PVE-Exctinction is down again.... admins you reading this or skipping? Down every god damn day....
  10. Sadly Ark customer support is really bad. Also their admin are represive and have never heard of responding to threads. But will ban you very fast ofc. without a proper response or comment on what you wrote. They say the fish stinks at it's head.
  11. Donation page just crashed.... it would be cool if you could link the amount to this page, so people would check the numbers donated here. Otherwise peeping Toms that dont donate are crasing the donation page... and noone can donate!
  12. The message about an urgent update just appeared again. It's like 5th time this event... like I said... crappy service
  13. Does anyone else thinks it's retarted that players should report that their service isn't working at all... because that's what an outage is. Doesn't WC have even basic survailance of their services? Because I know their admins are here just to warn/threathen players about posting, not to respond to threads... I mean, seriously.... never seen anything like this. Like a bunch of teenagers is running this otherwise PRO game. Hope someone with much more experience and brain buys you out WC.
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