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  1. Playstation still has god mode, bases being wiped out daily, 1000s of hours being trashed. No one at wildcard will respond or say a word about it. Just keep ignoring it, while fully aware it is still ongoing. Disgusting.
  2. JAT, server 553, all tames went wild when we log back in after server down. Every tribes tames are wild. Half the base to every tribe is no longer owned by tribes. Needs to be fixed now

    1. Moking


      Jat please fix this. Lost a ridiculous amount of hours put into breeding and building here... and it's purely bug related. 

  3. Hi JAT I don't see option to contact you directly. I have a ticket in already but was hoping for quicker assistance. I transferred my char from my server back to my server and during download of character it said "download failed" and now my char is not on server and can't be found on download list.  I'm still in my tribe so my char exists in some dimension (sigh). Thank you.

    1. InfamousWildman


      I have the same issue. Submitted a ticket but I don't know if these guys are going to help. Happened to me just last night and got that same error message

    2. SirPHz


      I still have not received a response from support.

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