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  1. Gumbie

    Na servers overran by other regions

    Ok now let's turn this around before we get more build a wall. The problem here is that wildcard will not provide enough servers for all their customers which would stop the lagging and over poup problems just add more servers to all the regions ask us the players what maps we want for the added servers that way they could get Ideal what maps needed the extra servers but as of now we need servers for every map. It doesn't bother me that they play on are servers it just gets my cookies that Wildcard is being so cheap that they would let it get this bad the servers up now are 90% taken up that means the areas to build in are normal junk that's because you have some people that will literally Piliar 2-3 islands and never use all the land just hold onto it until they decide to use it Now look you only need one big base to keep your stuff then your other base's should be small.
  2. So was looking on steam the next exp is free dlc but why did we buy season pass if its free looks like someone's being shady and would like to know what the deal is why did we have to pay 30 bucks for season pass if its free!!!
  3. Now I don't have a problem with people from anywhere but it seems to be that all the North American servers are starting to get over ran but people who should be on the Asian server list but seems they prefer Na more. There are reasons we don't go to other regions servers and that's because of ping, or lag I mean how many Na you seeing on the OC servers or asia not many at all unless they living in those areas now. I mean maybe it just me how about just dropping some of those servers and adding more NA because of the fact that those regions are on them at this point and its causing problems with people being able to play, this would help with over Pop servers. Need to add more Ragnarok servers and maybe a few of the other maps as well.
  4. I understand having a timer but this crap that if not in my inventory it gets a new counter and it does as soon as you move the item from your box or tame this is stupid, it has took me as of now 4 hours to transfer somethings and yet I still waiting because I can carry that much weight so I suggest you guys rework this. I am not the only one who thinks this way as I said don't mind the timer just make it do like it normal 40mins what every and when it counts down to 0 you got like 5-10 mins to move what you can , which would be a much better way of doing it then every time it changes inventory you get a new counter, and yes the if your at 0 and you have other items on your tame when you take them off the counter will be 40mins again now this is if you have already had your inventory full and you put it in obi.
  5. Server Na pve official ragnarok 195 is down once again can we please get it back on and not 6 hours from now your killing the people who have little time to play and its starting to cause a uproar
  6. There still giving us the middle figure for those who switched to the new servers can get to play half the time do because it always full they said they were adding extra servers but yet ive not seen them if they have
  7. Gumbie

    Full Servers

    I want to know what wildcard is doing about this fullserver problem again today still waiting been over 7 hours to get onto a my server, if they would add us some pc servers I would gladly switch so I can play. I bought the game then scorched earth now the season pass and can't even get to play this is starting to get me heated and I want my money back if this what you guys are going to continue to do and so do my 28 tribe mates. So you have the option to add some servers or refund all are money you said new servers were going to be added but yet still waiting hours on hours to play the game. And I am sure there is plenty of others in the community feeling the same way, If you feel this way please leave a comment and let them hear us as a community that love the game been here from day one but now getting shafted!!!!
  8. So just as topic reads we were suppose to get some new servers for the new servers but none as of 9.18pm est today and this waiting half the day to play is starting to anger the gods, and customers because that is what we are now! It's so bad on PC version of the game that you are waiting hours on hours to play because you server is maxed out with players now I'm not sure what WildCards plans are but we need servers ASAP! What gets me why even do the new server thing I mean why not just do a whip I know we worked hard for are tames and buildings but look at all the bs that has happen most legacy servers have a handful of players some more, but all this did was divide the communities of each ark serve. But the ???????? is when are you guys going to add new servers because some people have yet to play on ragnarok or even the island because the servers are always full.
  9. Now how are you getting there not have you read steams page you get the next 3 expansion if you purchase scorched earth. Do we the people that already bought the Scorched get this and you need to do some research buddy before you come in here spitting out nothing useful.
  10. Well my last post was deleted so let's do this again WildCard is taking use the player and customer for a ride first of we still have a broken game that simple first year student could fix, Still have not added enough servers so that a person isn't waiting a week to play on one of the maps, and Finally they want us to pay again for expansions after we already purchased. So if you want your next exp you have to buy scorched earth again and if you already own it what do you get nothing but a copy of the game you cannot gift or even play because you not allowed to get 2 copys from steam so there goes another 50 bucks and there is another ? what the heck are you guys thinking 50-60 bucks for an exp this is not WOW and your not blizzard your game is broke so bad we still have dinos falling through the world. Also you customer support blows and I find it funny you have make appointment with GM just to have the GM cancel on you everytime way to take care of the customer. I don't know about you guys but after buying a expansion that was broken and now they want us to buy it again just to get the next ones I think is enough to cause the major players of the game to quit. I mean look how many people opted out and got there money back yesterday if I knowed this I would have took the option you know why because you guys are not worried about fixing the game you just want the money. PLEASE READ STEAMS SALE ON SCORCHED EARTH BEFORE REPLYING
  11. Gumbie

    Server Being Removed

    Thank God atleast we will get time to move are stuff because I have put a lot of time into the game just to lose everything
  12. Gumbie

    Server Being Removed

    All right I would like to know if this is happening or not because on my server it said it was going to be removed this is pve scorched earth office 799 and if this is true when because I would love to get a chance to move my dinos before all my hard work is poofed, And if this is really happing there should be a thread where we can find a list of the servers being removed and what day removal will take place that way people can get there stuff moved. Thanks,