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  1. LOL hardware change are you joking this has been going on for months and now they do a hardware change funny servers went down around 5am last night and its now 2pm est time and still down. To the people that just joined are server we warned everyone of you that this was taken place server was crashing and rollbacks where deleting dinos and toons so you were far warned and enjoy your stay.
  2. Every since the release of the game has come out I have noticed that wildcard has seemed to not be helping the PC branch of the game anymore or if they do its days or weeks later this is total BULL if it was not for the PC players would this game ever made it to launch for the 2 consoles I truly believe they would have not one we tested reported all the bugs so they could get the game up and ready for release, we play tested thousands and thousands of hours for release but yet the PC group seems to be falling to the wayside I mean look how little we are replied to in the bug support section. I mean here is a great example right now there is a cluster of 3 servers that keeps dropping been doing so for around 2 months people have lost hundreds of toons and thousands of dinos and server goes down for anywhere from 4 hours to 3-6days now you would think with hundreds of outage reports they would get right on turning the server back on but no they are so caught up with making sure that the PS4 and XBOX servers are doing there thing that people have to wait to play a game they spent 80 bucks on, So how about WILDCARD START SHOWING SOME LOVE TO THE PEOPLE WHO GOT YOU TO CONSOLE RELEASE and fix 3 little servers
  3. This is the only response we have had for are server and which now 5 days old which tells us nothing that there looking into it which has been going on for what now right at 2 months which is funny when you think about it you can keep 300+ servers running with no issues why can you not keep 3 running would seem that if you cannot get them to stay running you would have that cluster moved to another cluster maybe the server the game being played from is junk and needs replaced but im not the tech guy don't have a clue whats going on but seems like someone there would. So here we are again asking why the heck are we the only servers down and down for hours fix the problem stop being GHOST and not letting us know what is going on we pay for your games which in turn help pay your guys bills.
  4. As the Title Reads will the 2 new pve servers every become stable to the point that they do not continue to crash and rollback, I would like to know what is being done about this issue and what is causing the issue. In game you hear multiple reasons for the server crashing most time someone says someones trying to dupe and the server crashes the rollback to keep said person from getting said duped items, then also been said that a dupper is overloading the server causing the crash to dupe, and the last that you guys are just using crappy server provider. If you guys could shed some light on this issue and let us players know how much longer are we going to have to deal with the crashing and rollbacks I myself and others are getting sick of having to put in sometimes a few hours of work but this doesn't happen every time, and we have had a few loose toons and dinos again because of realm changing. So if support wouldn't mind filling us in we love to know whats going on.
  5. Na servers overran by other regions

    Ok now let's turn this around before we get more build a wall. The problem here is that wildcard will not provide enough servers for all their customers which would stop the lagging and over poup problems just add more servers to all the regions ask us the players what maps we want for the added servers that way they could get Ideal what maps needed the extra servers but as of now we need servers for every map. It doesn't bother me that they play on are servers it just gets my cookies that Wildcard is being so cheap that they would let it get this bad the servers up now are 90% taken up that means the areas to build in are normal junk that's because you have some people that will literally Piliar 2-3 islands and never use all the land just hold onto it until they decide to use it Now look you only need one big base to keep your stuff then your other base's should be small.
  6. So was looking on steam the next exp is free dlc but why did we buy season pass if its free looks like someone's being shady and would like to know what the deal is why did we have to pay 30 bucks for season pass if its free!!!
  7. Now I don't have a problem with people from anywhere but it seems to be that all the North American servers are starting to get over ran but people who should be on the Asian server list but seems they prefer Na more. There are reasons we don't go to other regions servers and that's because of ping, or lag I mean how many Na you seeing on the OC servers or asia not many at all unless they living in those areas now. I mean maybe it just me how about just dropping some of those servers and adding more NA because of the fact that those regions are on them at this point and its causing problems with people being able to play, this would help with over Pop servers. Need to add more Ragnarok servers and maybe a few of the other maps as well.
  8. As it says I have a appointment with a GM and the server is full now what do I do how do I get in contact with them to find out where to meet. Gm names is GM Rusty if you can message me or email what we need to do or meet. Update 1pm est----11am pdt was finally able to get on server Rusty if you read this I am at the blue Obi waiting had to log on earlier because na servers are being over ran
  9. Now how did you get that done we would like ares back 2
  10. Still no reply from support knowed this was going to happen!!!!
  11. And again server 195 is down this ridiculous every other server is online but 195 which makes no sense when 194 is tied to it but its up someone please explain to me what is going on that every day my server is down and stay offline for 6+ hours have yet once to see it come back online before 6 hours.
  12. I understand having a timer but this crap that if not in my inventory it gets a new counter and it does as soon as you move the item from your box or tame this is stupid, it has took me as of now 4 hours to transfer somethings and yet I still waiting because I can carry that much weight so I suggest you guys rework this. I am not the only one who thinks this way as I said don't mind the timer just make it do like it normal 40mins what every and when it counts down to 0 you got like 5-10 mins to move what you can , which would be a much better way of doing it then every time it changes inventory you get a new counter, and yes the if your at 0 and you have other items on your tame when you take them off the counter will be 40mins again now this is if you have already had your inventory full and you put it in obi.
  13. Sorry if I did offend none was meant and thanks for the info.
  14. The server location is out of La so the storm has no effect on the issue I mean you going to say that but every other server is on but the 2 new pve ragnarok servers IRMA IS NOT THE ISSUE! Reality is that if the other 100 servers are running then the 3 new servers they added should be to!!!!!! Your logic is completely flawed my friend if more than just the new servers that were just added this past few days. Not sure where you're getting that they're in florida as far as I can tell they are located out of Washington so please do some research before replying.
  15. Another ? are you guys going to give me all my dinos and stuff I end up losing because they are in the obi and I cannot get them out due to fact I realm changed and server goes down and has yet to come back on so I cannot get my Toon back to my normal server to make sure I don't lose those dinos either. I mean come on we had to join new servers if we want support so we do it then this happens and looks like I am going to have to put in 100 hours or more just to re tame everything me and my tribes about to lose due to the fact we cannot do anything because we have no access to are toons which makes getting back to the server we moved from so lose lose lose for the customers again