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  1. So thats what it is... I lost 2 manas on back to back server saves... Finally some closure
  2. Drop server number it'll be wiped within the week aha, 30-40 turrets thats a stroll in the park... PM me
  3. But does that not make you think, my tribe is not strong enough maybe we should've worked harder... We cant do the job so we have to ask all these other people to come with us. Or have better strategy when fighting... No I'm not complaining, been fighting any and all megas for months now, if anything it opened up the corridor to a lot of lazy people not filling their generators and me meatrunning more tames than I thought I ever could. For me now, no matter how much damage you do to my base or tames. It will never outweigh what I've already done to every single mega on PS4.
  4. Mega tribes can all go suck a large one, it should just be server against server, alpha against alpha and may the best one win. Now its who can flood servers fasted and ddos the most and mesh the most and call on the most people because we're scared to lose our stuff. It's pvp for god sake if you're scared of losing your stuff, pve is the way... If you have no people online from certain times, recruit people in different time zones, dont cry about being raided, finding a dino they left behind and then caling on a megatribe to come and wipe that server.
  5. It's pure insanity man! No one is scared of any of the devs apart from maybe Tobida. But you literally have people admitting to it in global and they're using their 100+ main character to do it which shows how little they fear the devs. We captured a lvl 117 mesher and provided all the evidence, then we got threatened to be dev wiped if we didn't release the mesher. Are you serious? The support is garbage in this game. People just run around blatantly breaking the rules and going against the code of conduct because they know nothing will happen to them. I had to learn how to mesh my own caves just so I could fight against these pieces of pish...
  6. You will get absolutely no support from WC regarding meshers, ddosers, really anything to do with cheating, I have been consistently meshed for months now. I reported it, showed the screenshots of them admitting and got a video together of us fighting him through the wall. I had to drain a turret from inside the mesh in my own base... MY OWN BASE! I put all of this evidence together and got no response at all. Literally not even a reply or any sort of acknowledgement at all. It's got so bad where we dont even save the screenshots of people admitting in chat because we know WC will not do anything to punish them. I once named the mesher we were dealing with before on here and then I was the one to get into trouble for 'Naming and Shaming' imagine that reporting the issue with someone cheating within their game and then punishing the guy who reported it.
  7. Hilarious, head between your legs and hiding when raiders come. Just fight them, it's PvP so get involved. It doesn't matter if they have more or are bigger, if you can actually fight it doesn't matter what they have got.
  8. I don't know how to like your post anymore but it is so painfully true and it's upsetting to say the least. If I was a developer and my game was being sabotaged by players who cheat to win and take down servers when it suits them. They would be under the guillotine for ruining what I have created. It just doesn't feel like the same passion to maintain a good reputation and get rid of the cheaters is there. Because wc reputation amongst the playerbase isnt great which I'm sure everyone knows.
  9. I really don't see how people can be wanting this nerfed? The swamp cave is incredibly easy as long as you don't go in just expecting to get all the way through. You have to be clever with it. I use 2 mate boosted tamed frogs. No imprint bonus or perfectly bred frogs, just two frogs I picked up in the swamp and tamed. All I take on me is 2 gas masks, med brews, food and some stimulant. No armour, no weapons. As long as you don't go rushing in all guns blazing, and just hold off a tight corridor whilst everything tries to funnel through it. More often than not you will not even see yourself be hit. Arthro's are simple. Dodge their spit then just pummel them. Rinse and repeat, the only danger they have if you approach with caution is their recoil damage and that is it...But rarely when there is both of us on our frogs we will not even get close to half health. I can complete the swamp cave, all the way to the red drops, back all the way round to the blue drops, then repeat all the way back to red, then again back to the blues, then I leave. I only use half a gas mask. If that isn't cheap and easy for the great rewards you can pull from these crates then I don't know... I don't have anything special in my method, I just take it on smartly, let everything come to you in tight corridors and stuff so nothing can get behind you. Very easy concept.
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