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  1. Didn't really answer some important questions that are being dodged because it's proven you guys say one thing then do another without truly showing any care regardless of the community out-cry.
  2. Your decision to not support Legacy servers after numerous lies and misleads, is causing mass hysteria. Now people are quoting the game as they feel extremely discouraged and unsupported. Many believe you'll be getting rid of Legacy servers very soon due to your misleading information, how quickly you change your mind, how you keep back tracking on what you say or promise and your lies. Most see the fact you deny support for Legacy as a sign that Legacy servers will be soon cut, as they look at it thinking then what is the point? I chose PVE for a reason, I want to build and be secure to grow, not be bamboozled into less than 5 days to scramble to another server that most likely will be cut, as well. It's very disappointing rhe amount of lies and how unprepared you guys were. You couldn't even order the servers you were wiping in a clean, clear order to make sense. It's literally like you threw a list together and said here you go, bye. Truly only seems you care for new customers, even though your old customers are what kept your game growing and financed including fixing bugs and giving crucial feedback. You said once this month that you rather pay to keep servers up for people, but instead you lied. So how can people truly have faith when you say one thing and continue to do another. Just don't say anything at all, at that point or don't promise things you don't intend to keep. If you were wanting to minimize servers, then why didn't you just let people be able to transfer to ANY server for a temporary time period instead of making a whole new section called Legacy Servers? That way people had time to permanently migrate to new servers, be forced to fill those servers up more because you'll then have limited amount of servers that will be available. Then you have people on High populated servers, cut the old ones. If you're going to update Legacy servers with the dupe patches, then I personally don't understand the point. You have been too worried about full release, when your game isn't ready for full release. I would have also been okay with ragnorak being a DLC to buy. Some of these decisions are really going to cost you and it's disappointing because I like the game, but if something like this happens to Legacy or Legacy servers get over ran by "trolls" and abusers, then I am quiting for good. To me there is no point to go to these "new servers" because what you're doing now, can happen to ANY SERVER, including these new ones you're releasing. So logically you're just not able to be trusted because no server regardless of new or Legacy, either or tjem can be wipe at moments notice. So why lose my stuff now and start over, just for this to happen as soon as I build up? I'm not really in for that.
  3. The fact we're told one thing on announcement and then another. My Island PVE server is being wiped and we commonly have 12-16 people online a day, every single day. I love how at the beginning of the month, announcements said they would give a month notice in advance. Now we are barely getting a week to scramble around. It's not like I can bring all the Dino's to my scorched as I have water tames. Also think it's absolutely ridiculous you're not going to offer support for Legacy servers. You guys have not responded to pretty much any ticket in the last two months because you've been "prepping for launch" when really this is extremely disappointing. It's not like you're known for good customer support, anyways, but wow I don't even think ragnorak is worth it at this point. Really tired of being told one thing then another and another, now you put so many people in a horrible situation with very little time when you promised a month. You're sure cutting a lot more servers than you've said. So with these Legacy servers, you're doing no one a favor because now people who just like to cause problems, will go to these Legacy servers just to be d-bags, and we won't get any help from you. What's the point of playing YOUR GAME on YOUR SERVERS if youre not going to help anyone. Seems pointless. Maybe with all that free server space saving you money by not buying more, you should hire two people to actually be in charge of Legacy support because so many people complain of getting no support or answers or even tickets read, so doesn't seem like you care too greatly and if you keep going at this rate, you're going to lose a lot more people. I guarantee ragnorak will have so many problems. Let's see how many people just say screw it and leave for other competing games. Also, people on PvP saying it's not a big deal about a wipe and they get wiped/have to stat over several times, is NOT THE SAME as people on PVE. If all you PVP people don't have a problem, then I say keep the PVE servers that at least have 1 person on and just get rid of ALL PVP then ? All the people claiming this is what we signed up for and we should be "lucky we get a way to save some of our stuff" uhm hello, the problem is they wildcard kept saying one thing and another, lying. It doesn't matter what they are doing, it matters that they pretty much told the community one thing for relief and then sprung it on them last minute. ANYONE IN ANY GAME would be upset if the game developers did that, that's just fact. You can't say you'll give a months heads up, but because you have been too worried about your new customers and not the old ones who have been your crutch of survival, you wasted time and now you're like "well because we screwed off. We are only giving you 5 day notice now." So what's the point? And say 10% now 33%. You've pushed back release date and ragnorak many times now, you should have had this planned better so people did have a month notice. You should have prioritized, but you didn't and truly show with these poor actions and decisions that you don't truly care for the entire community welfare, only "new money." I would be 100% okay if ragnorak was a DLC you'd have to buy, if you didn't cut so many servers or deny support for a mass chunck of your user base.
  4. They did not explain CLEARLY in the post. They did not mention PVE, so it doesn't mean it was just PVP. So, yes my post was legit to ask and I'm glad an ACTUAL mod quoted me unlike the lot of you quoting me, starting to cause trouble. I got my answer and I can only hope people read through or that they edit their original post so people like me have a direct answer and relief.
  5. Thank you, that is very helpful to know as it didn't come off that way in the main post. I have another question as many people are saying one and another. Are PVE servers getting new servers? Or just PVP? Because people (someone quoted me, too) are saying only PVP are getting new servers and are being turned into Legacy Servers. So will PVE official servers become Legacy Servers?
  6. That is extremely disappointing that we will not be able to transfer to the new "official servers" on ragnorok or any non-legacy servers, regardless of being official. That absolutely sucks and truly disappoints and discourages my gameplay. It's Disappointment because many people would like to check out the new map plus exclusive new animals, but won't even be able to transfer said new animals if they wish to return back to their old server. Let's be realistic, the new servers coming out for Ragnorok will be a lag fest. There is a guarantee of server crashes left and right. I'm from PVE and always PVE, as PVP is not something I enjoy on Ark. So not being able to cross transfer is disappointing. I know many people have been preparing to transfer to Ragnorok more permanently, but they are in a surprise to see that all their preparation and wait will be nothing. You guys have put so much hope and excitement into this new map and you've only disappointed, especially for XBOX platform as it's pushed back further with no date, again. So what's the real appeal, few new animals and some changes? Not really worth what you've put your customers through. I would have rather you guys just wipe "ghost town" servers and call it a day. Why did you have to throw in no cross transfer? Because if you can allow cross transfer from Scorched Earth to The Island or the Center, then why exclude Ragnorok?
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