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  1. Desert drop below desert plat 80/50 is definitely a dangerzone. A ton of hovering birds there. Only fix is to create a new psn account. Go with that character to ur server and try to kill your original character
  2. Make Megalodon a pick artist The megalodon right now is pretty much useless except for the tek saddle. I would suggest making it more like its tek counterpart the tapejara. Let it be able to pick people of their mounts. If applied with enough hp and speed, these could be the ptera's of the sea and waterways in pvp.
  3. And if u send video evidence of what happened, wich is verification u still dont reimburse. Stop going against your own word pls
  4. No restoration of false positive killed dino's. Ridiculous So i submitted a ticket because my mana just disappeared out of nowhere and apparently was mesh detected. Ive sent the video with it that shows i wasnt anywhere in mesh But no i spent 4 days raising something that just vanishes because wc messed up but it doesnt get restored. They drop by for the tinyest things but not something that was actually their fault. If i write in the false positive section about how this is ridiculous the post gets deleted. So i start my own topic about it. Theres probably a lot of people who'd like to complain about this also seeing how many people already lost stuff because they once again implemented something that caused more problems. Yeah i love the fact that i cant get meshhattacked anymore and i do compliment them for finally working on it but its still bugged. Wich is their mistake not mine https://youtu.be/ez9QwPeVQGA
  5. Its ridiculous that tames arent restored. This is your mistake not ours.
  6. I want to report what happened so u can fix the issue. But do i get my dino back? cause i did nothing wrong. I submitted a ticket already but there was no mention about returning my dino, they just sent me here. In the video you can see what and where it happened.
  7. Regarding meshprotection update First of all i love that meshing finally is being fixed But I noticed basically all flyers throw me off when i reach a wall. Desert titan also. Im not in mesh but i am glitching through cause im mounted and flying against a wall. With something like the desert titan its almost impossible to park cause it has the tendency to just wander off 9 out of 10 times.
  8. Desert titan gets shocked when hitting arthroplueras I know if u bite a arthro you get damaged but why is the desert titan getting damage if i hit arthro's with lightning? Thats not intended i guess cause it makes no sense at all
  9. Yeah, i submitted a ticket too about meshers, they just closed the ticket without removing the beds and transmitter still in the mesh next to our base. They drop by for a single dino you lost due to a bug but something imminently dangerous to all our dino's they failed to fix for years isnt important enough to drop by for and remove the beds and transmitter still there in the mesh apparently.
  10. I reported meshers, they closed ticket without removing stuff in mesh So i reported a ticket about us being mesh attacked. They closed the ticket without removing the transmitter and beds that are still in the mesh next to our base. They drop by to give a single dino if you lost it to a bug , but they wont remove meshbeds and meshtransmitters? If we get meshraided by them then are the GM's going to give me all my tames and stuff again? Probably not. Seems more simple to drop by and remove those beds and transmitter and ban their accounts
  11. I got mesh attacked today Logged in today and we were getting mesh attacked. These cheaters still have a bed and transmitter right next to our base i want to destroy it before they're back and none of us are online. Last update patched a lot of mesh methods, i dont want to build in the mesh i just want ro get rid of that bed and transmitter I know you're not going to teach me how to mesh but at least let a wildcardgm drop by as soon as possible to destroy those things and ban their tribemembers. What i mostly am interested in is u patched a lot of meshing but what about the beds that are already in there?
  12. Is building in ratholes considered meshing? My question is is building in ratholes considered meshing?
  13. I had the same problem on a official ps4 server. I threw out my 413 rex it said "can't deploy" but the cryopod just disappeared from my inventory. So my best rex and the cryopod just vanished.
  14. Stupid part is that exceptional and extraordinary are both yellow why make different colours for each kibble if one of m you make the same?
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