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  1. So ive been playing this game for a long time now, I started playing on ps4 and now i play on pc . And i really get annoyed by how tiny the letters are in game. I recently bought a bigger tv and i still have to get off the couch and walk at least a meter away from the tv to be able to read it. Ive got ui scale on max, A big ass tv and its still impossible to read the letters in my inventory or smithy/replicator etc. This is the only game i got problems with with reading stuff. Especially those letters/words that explain what a certain thing does or what resources it needs. You k
  2. It always been that way, probably has to do with how deep sunken forest is
  3. I m annoyed by it too, i would have liked to get event colored tekrexes
  4. Great minds think alike. At least you got good taste in movies and a good eye for detail too
  5. Anyone else see what i see ? Lol someone did, saw it posted already
  6. I agree, its the kind of bug they already lost a ton of players too. And its so strange. U play for months without it and bam it just basically ignores u like a stuck up b****out of nowhere. Officoal servers work but unofficial doesnt or vice versa for no apparent reason and all the supposed fixes people say online dont do crap to fix it. They just tryed a random thing at a moment it was gonna reconnect anyway and think they have the solution. But the next time that doesnt work so they just go berserk. I'm a peacefull person but stuff like this frustrates me like crazy. Like the game itself d
  7. A hole to small to fit a turtle through, a unsoakable base , fix it pls. Theyre basically meshing
  8. Genesis ratholes need to be patched The ratholes on genesis are known, These need to be patched asap. Its a unfair disadvantage for everyone building on the normal map
  9. Do u have to restart missions if u fail corrupted master controller? Ive done 58 missions now and can go to the gamma fight , i was wondering do they reset after i ve done or failed it or can i start it how many times i want?
  10. My vullcanobase is useless now So, besides the fact that my lunarcavebase is suddenly a mission area now the vulcano suddenly destroys half my other base cause its shooting fireballs after update with no warning these changes were coming.
  11. So i cant build in the lunarcave anymore I build in a spot where it was allowed. There was no purple triangle. And after update i cant add anything to it. In the meantime we got enemies in a rathole in the arctic wich is too OP to raid. And they just are free to build there basically out of mesh cause that spot is not intended to be part of the map. So what is gonna happen to what i did build? Will it disappear 1 day? It means im f'd anyway. Someone destroys a wall. I cant replace it. You let some people build for a month and then just randomly pull the plug. If th
  12. Regarding attack drones I read they can only damage thatch and wood on dododex , the ones i encounter melt through tek
  13. Just do swamp placid on gamma, ive gotten several asc saddles premade from that
  14. Ferox cave bluescreen area Every single time im in the feroxcave i bluescreen. Its usually around the lake.
  15. Invisible enemies on lunar biome The defense units are invisible and invincible in the lunar biome
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