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  1. OverideOfficialDifficulty and DifficultyOffset Not Working Ever since the Genesis update I cannot get OverideOfficialDifficulty or DifficultyOffset to work on any maps. I have tried placing OverideOfficialDifficulty in different spots through my ini files and nothing works and when I try to set the DifficultyOffset it always resets back to 1. If anyone knows how to make it work please tell me I enjoy playing with max wild dinos at 840 on my single player maps. Found the issue I misspelled override.
  2. Island Map Crash I have been crashing while loading up my single player Island map I don't know what is wrong it was working yesterday with all the same settings and mods the only thing that changed was one mod updated this crash was happening before when updated to Genesis which caused me to reset that map. When crash this is the report I get https://gyazo.com/ed2e7926087ae29ba2b926aa2ce6e22b . I have tried removing the mod that was recently updated and nothing, also after erasing the map data I was able to go onto the map only for it to crash the next day with the same crash while using the same ini settings and mods.
  3. Where did you place it in your ini to get it to work?
  4. How did you get it to work it does work on every other map besides Genesis for me.
  5. Thanks I didn't see the update post I saw their post on twitter about the servers that had it.
  6. Beta Moeder Teleport Failed After fighting Gamma Moeder I could not teleport into the Beta Moeder arena tried it twice and both times it failed to teleport me even if I'm next to the mission however the mission does start which makes it so I have to kill myself to get the mission to end since I am not able to fight the boss.
  7. Tek Armor Singleplayer Is there a setting I can use to enable full tek armor on my singleplayer map?
  8. Ferox Knockout Tame How do you knockout tame a Ferox, on singleplayer I have knocked out a few Ferox and couldn't access the inventory does form matter or is it a bug?
  9. DifficultyOffset Doesn't Work I have tried to use DifficultyOffset on my single player map and it does not work creatures are still spawning in at 150 max no matter how high I set it.
  10. Does OverideOfficialDifficulty Work? I have been using OverideOfficialDifficulty=28 on singleplayer for a while now on all my other maps but it doesnt seem to work on Genesis is there a special way to do it to make it work on Genesis or does it just not work?
  11. galdin

    Single Player Crash

    Single Player Crash I launch the game and load the map and not even a minute into playing it crashes I have verified my files and found 6 files to not verify and even after that it still crashed attached is the message I get. It's not fun not being able to play the game I bought and all my other maps work.
  12. galdin

    Pixark Creatures

    Pixark Creatures I would love to see some if not all of the Pixark creatures in Ark for example the Fairy Dragon.
  13. PS4 Controller Config on PC I use a PS4 controller to play Ark on pc because it feels smoother than my xbox 360 controller and would love to have configs for it so i can remap the buttons how i like also so that the buttons show up in game instead of xbox buttons.
  14. Genesis Transfer? Will we be able to transfer players, dinos, and items into and out of Genesis like we can in other dlc? I'm wondering because I play single player and I transfer my survivor between the maps and wondering if I will be able to do that with Genesis knowing the changes with the player models and how that would affect things on other maps.
  15. Flyers Near Cave I have been having an issue with my flyers near the entrance of the aberration cave, if I fly too close to it I get dismounted even with the force allow flyers setting turned on. This issue makes it impossible to get near the cave with flyers.
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