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  1. PS4 Controller Config on PC I use a PS4 controller to play Ark on pc because it feels smoother than my xbox 360 controller and would love to have configs for it so i can remap the buttons how i like also so that the buttons show up in game instead of xbox buttons.
  2. galdin

    Genesis Transfer?

    Genesis Transfer? Will we be able to transfer players, dinos, and items into and out of Genesis like we can in other dlc? I'm wondering because I play single player and I transfer my survivor between the maps and wondering if I will be able to do that with Genesis knowing the changes with the player models and how that would affect things on other maps.
  3. Flyers Near Cave I have been having an issue with my flyers near the entrance of the aberration cave, if I fly too close to it I get dismounted even with the force allow flyers setting turned on. This issue makes it impossible to get near the cave with flyers.
  4. galdin

    Crash on Loading

    Lately since last night my Ark: Extinction single player has been crashing during the loading screen it gets to Masteribl_snow file and then it crashes I have tried loading with and without mods and nothing works. I have already tried deleting the file and it crashes on the next Masteribl file I even tried file verify and nothing.
  5. I use a controller to play Ark and I can not seem to get my Velonasaur to enter its range attack mode using the controller it does work fine with pressing the C button on keyboard but taking my hand off the controller to press a keyboard button can cause problems while in combat.
  6. galdin

    End Scene Loading

    I was wondering how long does it normally take for the end scene to load after killing the King Titan I've waited at least 20 minutes on a black screen and nothing loads I have seen it once on Gamma but I have not seen it ever since the first time and i have beaten it 2 times more since then all on single player.
  7. On my single player game the biodomes have not been showing the full dome effect while inside, half the dome shows outside of the dome the other half shows the correct scenery.
  8. galdin

    Forest Titan Taxidermy

    The Forest Titan Taxidermy statue is missing its arms as shown in the attached picture.
  9. Disappointed in announcement, for me the only good is the tek-rex though I have to wonder if its permanent or will it vanish after the event is done.
  10. In my single player Ragnarok map I went through the ice cave and made it all the way into the artifact room without encountering the Ice Worm Queen also there seems to be a huge over spawn of Pelagornis along the northern beaches of the Ragnarok map.
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