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  1. But with that i would have to recreate my entire character, to join a small tribe server. Extremely inconvenient and time consuming. In addition, the feel of these servers just isn't the same as an official server.
  2. What about the second solution? only allow small tribes of 4-5 to use the ability, and have the repercussion be use of gasoline and it turns off PvP for that tribe for however long they have the ability going. There are ways to ensure that the large tribes cannot abuse the small tribe advantages, too. Simply put a long cooldown on joining and leaving tribes, or make it so that you can only join a specific tribe once. That way, the advantages would either not be worth to abuse(such as a day long or so cooldown from joining the tribe; they wouldn't be able to use dinosaurs for gaining resources anyways, since the dinosaurs are tribe owned, so therefore they aren't collecting nearly as many resources as before), or create it so that if they leave the tribe, they can no longer join said tribe ever again. It would be a valid punishment for attempting to abuse the system, anyways. Simply put, it just hurts to know that the only solution to the game is to join a alpha in the end or quit. Thats not what i want to do, either of those options, and it sucks.
  3. Hello! As an avid solo/ duo player in ark, ive amassed around 600 or so hours playing the game. Each time playing the game, i spend multiple hours building up my fort, taming my dinos, and building fortifications. Each and every single time i play it all starts and ends the same way; i start playing, build up, and then when i wake up next morning to get on and play once again, some out of server raider or the alpha of my server comes and wipes my house. Ive tried changing servers; even went to the most unpopulated servers in game, with huge ping. This did nothing, and out of server raiders still came in and wiped my weeks worth of work. On many servers, the Alphas simply WOULDN'T allow me to build. Many times they'd seek out my base and wipe it, no matter the server i was on. Recently, i spent another week attempting to build my base with a couple friends. This server was extremely friendly, each and every person, including the alphas, created alliances with me and my tribe. Everything was perfect; we tamed multiple high level dinos, and were finally getting back to some of our old powers. Sadly, just today, i logged back on after getting a measly six hours of sleep due to fears of my base being raided, and boom. My entire base, every single high level dino of which i spent hours taming, and all of my stuff, gone. I had a level 147 therizinosaur, a level 153 Carno, and multiple other high level dinosaurs. We were raided simply by an out of server raider on a level 318 Thyla. No other animals, just that. If a level 318 thyla can fight off an entire base, with multiple high level dinosaurs and plant x firing on it, something is wrong. Small tribes DON'T have enough power. It takes quite literally FOREVER to get to a state where one is unraidable, and even with that some high level out of server raider or the alpha of said server will just come in with his/her extremely high level dinos and slaughter. There is NO counterplay. In short, Studio Wildcard, please find a way to give smaller, lower level tribes more power in PvP servers. I love your game, but the one thing soiling it for me right now is high level raiders coming in and wiping everything. I want to play on PvP. PvP is the original Ark experience, and its whats most fun for me. The only problem is that giant tribes have TOO much power in the game, becoming the police force of a server/multiple servers. Please, do something to make smaller tribes more powerful. As myself, I CANNOT contest against a tribe with upwards of 20 people, and i myself do not wish to join an Alpha tribe to protect me; that playstyle simply is the most boring thing ever. Typically in an Alpha tribe, one cannot build, only collect resources for wars or other stupid tasks. Some potential ideas to fix this problem is: Changing resource gain rates for tribes with smaller people. If you have one person, you collect resources at a greater amount. If you are a tribe of two, at a slightly slower amount, and so on. A tribe of 20 will have more difficulty collecting resources, and therefore the smaller tribes have a higher capability of surviving in the cold, harsh world. Maybe also increase tame/ incubation rates for smaller tribes, allowing them to tame a multitude of animals faster to try and combat the higher alpha tribes. This system of balancing would be greater and more difficult to abuse then what is going on now; Right now, Alpha tribes are uncontested, unless if its by another alpha tribe. If someone leaves the tribe to go and get larger amounts of resources, then therefore they lose the ability to be in the tribe and use the dinos of the tribe. Another potential idea is to simply give smaller tribes an ability to turn off PvP for a certain amount of time. The tribe sets a time, activates it, and that tribe cannot raid anyone yet also cannot be raided. Give this ability to tribes smaller than 4-5, and that'll add a whole additional layer of strategy to the game and allow smaller tribes to thrive. Maybe have it so that when the tribe first builds its generator or something, itll give them the ability to turn off PvP. Have this ability use resources potentially; such as fuel, so that there is a drawback to having this ability online. A cool design for this could simply be just a whole new engram to learn; the forcefield. It would create a bubble around your house, that noone can enter but noone can exit also. The larger the field, the more resources required. However, this would be a ton of work, and hard to commit to. The best idea for this is to simply give small tribes the ability to turn off PvP, either for resources or as a balancing addition. In short, i'm attempting to speak out for the vast, silent majority of players in Ark. Ark servers have a social hierarchy that is simply oppressive; the small majority of Alpha tribes DOMINATE servers, sometimes not allowing smaller tribes to even live on the server. Most Alpha tribes go off server raiding, leaving their home server and wiping another server. Smaller tribes can do absolutely nothing about this problem, and are forced to simply accept their fate without having any action they can commit to saving themselves. This provides for an extremely unsatisfactory experience, and a constant fear in the back of ones mind before they attempt to sleep at night. Weeks worth of work can be demolished in seconds simply because you needed to complete your biological need of sleep, and there was nothing you could do about it. This forces players into a decision that most hate to decide on; either join an Alpha tribe for protection, and therefore have an even more unsatisfactory experience, or quit the game. The second option is one that i do not want to see, since Ark Survival is by far one of my most favorite games. Some of the most fun ive ever had in a videogame was building up a boat base with my friends and sailing to the North, attempting to survive the cold winter days while hunting mammoths for fur and getting metal. Sadly, each of these expeditions ended with a wyvern landing on top of our boat and C4 being strapped on. You can guess what happens after that. So, in conclusion, please grant smaller tribes more power. Be it through faster taming/resource gathering the smaller tribe you are, giving smaller tribes the ability to turn off PvP either for resources or with certain repercussions, or some other change not stated above, smaller tribes require some sort of defense against those who are too powerful in Ark. Please Studio Wildcard. I speak for the majority. We all love Ark survival, and want to keep playing and enjoying the game for times to come. Just right now, it's getting a little hard. Thank you for your time. -DannyDevito