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  1. MentumAMC

    pvp Alpha Insiders

    ATTENTION alpha/mega tribes Meta, TPG, and Bloody Mary, i have information regarding 3 members. one from each of your tribes who is exploiting your tribes to siphon off resources, element, tames, and eggs to their own tribe on another server. Get back to me asap, so we can deal with this issue. They have done the same to my tribe, and need to be stopped.
  2. MentumAMC

    What is your favorite activity to do on Ark?

    Favorite activity is, has been, and will always be tamimg dinos. That feeling after you take 3 hours taking your first quetz is to nice lol.
  3. MentumAMC

    What Color Combo Do Yall Use?

    I personally really like white with red or light blue.
  4. MentumAMC

    Completing the game?

    So is there anyone out there who still wants to play Ark? By that I mean beat ark, all caves, all bosses on all difficulties, even the final cave. Well I really would like to beat the game, however in single player, it hasn't been working. I just did the cave on carnivore island, completed it and died on my way out. I didn't get back until after my stuff despawned, loosing the relic of consuming.... so I am looking to start again, with some people, atleast one? Is there one person? I don't care how ecperienced you are, I personally have a few hundred hours under my belt. Comment if you would like to join me for this journey. Also, we could do non dedicated server, or some random server, I may start my own, but I like playing resource stacks, and structures plus.
  5. MentumAMC

    Alpha Destruction

    Yah I thought there was only supposed to be one of each alpha... I thought that's what alpha meant. However I have seen 4 alpha raptors floating around as well, so in the north east of the island the spawns are insane lol. Have yet to find a giga though.
  6. MentumAMC

    Alpha Destruction

    So here is a fun story. Well, today three alpha Rex spawned on the mountain next to carnivore island. My base happens to be in between the island and the mountain, right at the beach. So, I begin to notice these menacing beasts, a lv28, lv20, and lv68 slow walking down the slopes. I panic. I grabbed my ATM lv99 rex, and headed out to try and murder these monsters... on my way I encounter a lv33 alpha car I which I killed easy enough. However, upon encountering the rex, the one about 50 yards from my un-complete Dino pen, I found myself out matched. It was the lv68.... I swam my rex into the water and skirted around it to arrive at my base. Thinking I had evaded this alpha I began preping my now lv114 rex for another battle with the beast..... as I am crafting up some items, I hear battle music, looking over I see a glowing red monster in my Dino pen!! I thought maybe, just maybe my two Rex's, one lv114 and one lv28, trike lv32, beaver lv16, 3 arentavis, mid 50s, quetzle lv202, raptor luv 198, and therizinosaurus luv 158 may handle it.... The alpha murder them all. I escaped with my precious quetz and therizinosaur, my two most useful and high level. Now I am in my rex proof Dino pen with a mob of allosaurus outside.... life is good!!! I'm playing non-dedicated server by myself btw, pve. I think other people can join, so if you want, hit me up!