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  1. Is structures plus ever coming to console or what? You tell everyone its coming and don't ever update people to the progress.
  2. Ark on xbox one x has no tether. Its great. Makes it way more fun on split screen. It makes all the difference in the world. You would think split screen on Pixark would be a given. How many people have multiple xbox ones to play multiplayer. You would have a larger customer base if 2,3, or even 4 people could play on one machine like Minecraft. At the least 2 on one machine
  3. Are you going to make a split screen option for this game? This game would be a blast to play with other people setting on the same couch. I bought a xbox one x just to play ark without a tether on split screen. Surely if Ark has spit screen you will add that feature to this game. I know it is early but please tell me it is in the works.
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