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  1. Correct I have a logitech keyboard with a macro but if I want to talk I have to disable it or it spams chat with WWWWWWWW so I have to turn it off lol. Guess I figured it would be a simple addition, but I'm not a programmer so I can't really say. Thanks for the help though.
  2. Right, thanks. But you still have to hold "W" to continue moving forward. I know it sounds lazy but it would be nice to walk away sometimes. Like go grab a drink or a snack while your quetz flies to the ob spawn on center
  3. Nvm I figured it out. But you still have to hold the run key. It would be nice to just press the button and have my dino fly. Ya know for those long trips across a map lol. Thanks for that though, better than nothing.
  4. I'm in game trying it right now. Nothing is happening. I will look in my control mapping. Maybe its something there.
  5. Yea. It just makes me sprint like normal. Am I missing something?
  6. Please add Auto Run Please. Auto run is life. Please WC. Thank you, Zzippy
  7. Hate to be that guy buuuuuut....why are we getting new DLC when argies still get stuck in alpha's and die? I mean, Is a polished game not more important? Legitimate question, not even salty anymore because I'm so used to it by now. I've been on ark since alpha. Through all the bugs and changes, good and bad. But here we are. Still losing dinos through the ground, clipping and getting stuck in dinos, extreme amount of lag, the list goes on and on... But hey, theres new shiny maps and dinos coming to a theater near you! P.S. I'm not flaming or hating, I f****** love this game. Jus
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