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  1. So apparently they forgot to add the letters above the buttons on ps4. I spent an hour trying to figure out the right sequence before eventually breaking down and watching a yt vid. Lo and behold, letters above the damn buttons on the pc version. Personally I hate having to watch a vid to figure stuff out. I wish they would have checked that before releasing it.
  2. Spino Splash @BlueDragon that's a gorgeous image. Well done!
  3. I'm kind of disappointed it's an otter, was hoping for something a bit more ba. It's cute I guess. I was really hoping for a new flyer. I'm a bit tired of all these shoulder/back mounts. I wish they would at least add a perch to set them on when they are not on your shoulder. You could just walk up to the perch and press triangle and it would put them on it. My base floor is littered with dimorph, monkey's, jerboa, Ichthy, Archa, Vultures, etc. I'm happy to hear about the Phoenix and Boas though.
  4. I agree with you in the aspect that the team as a whole shares the "blame" or a part to play in this delay. My point is when you (Jesse) sit on the couch at E3 and publicly declare a set date for release and content you should be held accountable and face the crowd yourself when it's not met, not get someone else to address it and have that person constantly being cursed out and talked down to like a dog. Face the crowd yourself, goes for Jeremy as well for being a co-founder. I just get tired of people shooting the messengers. I'm sure they love coming to work everyday just to get cursed out and belittled everyday on twitter. These people are human beings after all and deserve respect. People need to focus their anger/frustrations at the right people, not the messengers. The only criticism I have towards Jat/Jen is just that as community managers, communication needs to be vastly improved. I would just stop with ETA's all together. I think people in general would be more understanding if they just communicate more. It has improved this week and hope that it continues to improve. Keep up the good work Jat/Jen/LilPanda/ and the rest of your team.
  5. The delay imo is the right choice. If they had released the game in its current state as a "finished game" on the 8th, new players would be demanding refunds left and right with the game like it currently is. You'd see a No Man's Sky release all over again. They need more time for a game of this magnitude. Personally I feel bad for Jat and Jen, always having to be the bearer of bad news. It should really be Jeremy and Jesse imo. They'll just hide behind twitter which is cowardly tbh. I have no respect for them. They just need to take their time with patches and test them multiple times before releasing them.
  6. I'm with you, most ppl I know who played on officials/non-dedi are now just casually playing SP until release. With all these sudden patches/rollbacks/dead babies/duping/and lost characters from transfers, it's leaving people uneasy.
  7. I can't speak for the new players, but I can see the appeal for the new servers. I personally enjoyed the early stagesof the game a bit more, and want to go to the new servers just for a better base location. Atm if a new player starts on a legacy server what are they met with? 9/10 times they are trapped in someones base, dealing with rude unwelcoming players telling them to leave, and having nowhere to build. If legacy servers want new people to repopulate the existing servers they need to rethink the way they treat people on their servers. Now I'm not saying there aren't good servers out there, just far and few in between. The legacy servers that are fair and give noobs a chance will be fine.
  8. I think they are just waiting til they release the new pc patch v264 tonight/early a.m., then they'll probably port to xbox, and then pass the baton over to Abstraction. Abstraction has to wait on WC which leaves them trying to play catch-up. Maybe they are just trying to get everyone on the same page. I dunno, just speculation on my part.
  9. Yeah, I get the frustration aspect argument. Personally, I just let it go. Complaining about it more won't make it come any faster. The devs just ignore ppl's questions. I just tell ppl on ps4 to stop playing til the 8th. All this stringing ppl along and false hype only to disappoint does nothing but add to players frustration. It will come, one day lol.
  10. It's not surprising anymore. It is what it is. I just stopped listening to what the devs say, they're as lost as we are.
  11. Hey Jat,  overall very happy with the state of the Ark update. Will Ragnarok be 100% complete on the 8th, or will it be a while post release? 

    1. Nickoli1900


      Just curious as I'm leaving on the 10th for a  peace corps trip for 4 months to a village without Internet access. I was hoping to have it installed before I left so I play offline.

  12. Ps4, scorched earth: Anytime I throw my shoulder mount, it throws it to my left instead of straight ahead where I'm looking.
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