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  1. When can we expect to see more of S+ added to the game. Extremely excited about having new structure pieces to work with.
  2. This comes as no surprise... They never hit their scheduled release date... Also wouldnt be surprised if they stop talking about extinction for console all together and in vanishes into thin air like S+ did, oh wait extinction makes them money nevermind. Also glad to see some new sponsored mods that console will never get to enjoy. Thank god for Red Dead Redemption 2 and other games coming out prolly never play ark again
  3. I am referring to Extinction as the second DLC since S+ announcement because they have confirmed that it wont happen until post Extinction release...and i highly doubt it will happen then. They will just move on to the next project that will make them money whether that be another boring DLC or a whole new broken game. Only time will tell...so for now we will just stick with SOON LMAO
  4. I for one have taken a step away from Ark... Tired of being led on by the Dev team. We are coming up on a year since they first said that S+ would be integrated and all we ever get is "SOON"... But with them trying to hype everyone up for Extinction they are not at all working on S+... I mean come on since they first mentioned it we have gotten 2 DLC's and multiple TLC's. I will not return to playing Ark until some sort of S+ is released to console players....#boycottARK
  5. Its not hard proof but the ATLAS leaked trailer was posted on Studio Wildcards youtube channel was was taken down mere minutes later. Kinda interesting ? prolly why console isnt getting S+ lol. You can check it out here. https://www.gaminginstincts.com/atlas-trailer-leaked/
  6. Its all about the $$$...everyone who is wanting S+ and Quality of Life improvements have already spent their money on the game. They could care less if you are happy with the game right now. They would rather dangle a fresh new paid DLC and gamepass in your face and over hype it in the hopes you put more money in their pockets. I for one have moved on to other games and will not return until i see some sort of S+ implementation.
  7. Where is S+ ? We were told last year that it was gonna be implemented into the base game... and since then silence!!!
  8. Agree 1000%.... I downloaded the free 60 min trial and really wanted to love it Until they fix this crap console UI i will not be giving 25$ for it.
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