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  1. I'm a first time poster. We run a dedicated server on decent PC, Windows 10 Play Anywhere, XBox login. After a ton of work, grinding mats and getting powerful tames, we were ready for the drake trench. Went down today. No Rock Drake eggs. No Rock Drake nests. Nothing. We thought this was super weird so we turned on admin and went into leavemealone/fly mode. Checked every nest. Nothing... Did a destroy wild dinos command. Waited until the space was crawling with rock drakes again. Checked nests and nothing. Waited an hour. Checked nests again. Nothing. Read that sometimes the eggs are invisible if you can see rock drake nests (which we couldn't) and you could still pick them up with a whip. So summoned in a whip. But to no avail. We also didn't see any loot crates whatsoever, but didn't go spelunking in any caves.
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