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  1. MrJoseph

    Ark nerf/buff suggestions

    Agreed. A bat (i.e a brittle-boned, frail creature) should NOT take two/three hits from a Carnosaurus before dying IMHO - regardless of how big they are compared to the bats we know. Honestly, I'd like to see the ballistic damage reduction that every dino has be limited to just the ones that aren't squishy - that actually have tough skin. Unless I'm misunderstanding it, even bats (and other frail flyers like Dimorphs), snails and frogs ALL take less damage from bullets - and it's the same factor of damage reduction that the Rexes and Gigas have. That's not right. At least it's not overpowered - that would make guns useless in SP and PvE. (Edit: I have no idea why that "2" is appearing in the quote box.)
  2. MrJoseph

    Queue System within Ark

    As in, you're queuing up, and waiting for someone to leave the server so you can join? That seems like something you could be waiting a long time for, I say as someone who doesn't play any MMO-like games or other types of games that require queuing up to join. I do like the idea of giving a grace period to people who DC. It may seem like a permanent fix to a temporary problem given that one would assume the server connection quality will improve with time, but it would certainly not hurt to have this feature for people who have a bad connection in general.
  3. MrJoseph

    Dismount stunts

    Wasn't aware of that. Thanks. As for the falling off a cliff thing, it was a bit of an exaggeration to illustrate my point. It doesn't always happen, though it probably has done in the past when I was less experienced. Most often, I'll just fall a couple of metres off a rock and have to whistle my bird down to me, or I'll dismount right over the wall of my small taming pen.
  4. As a SP'er, I often find myself manually balancing the game by using Game.ini to simply lower crafting costs for various things but still using the same materials. I realise why they're that high to begin with - to make it require a team effort to gather the resources to craft the best items in the game. Singleplayer settings don't allow for that team effort element, however - you get the point. It would be nice to have a slider that can be adjusted in the configuration menu alongside everything else (like the damage multipliers). One suggestion I have in mind is that instead of adjusting every crafting cost in the game, it could operate with what I'm calling a 'soft peak' filter - whereby the most expensive items are affected the most, and the cheapest items aren't touched - things in between are affected less so. Does this make sense?
  5. MrJoseph

    Secure saddle straps!

    Like a few others have said, I prefer the idea that DC'ing just plain doesn't dismount you. It affects SP too - if the game crashes (luckily rare these days) while you're flying, it can have pretty devastating consequences.
  6. MrJoseph

    Refridgerator Sound

    I wear headphones and closing the fridge makes my head rattle, as well as making every other sound in the game 'duck' - that's how overpowering it is.
  7. MrJoseph

    Dismount stunts

    I must admit it's very annoying when dismounting causes my dude to be flung off the side of a cliff just because it's sometimes impossible to predict which direction he'll slide off. Experience beats this; you just land square in the middle of whatever patch of land you're after, but it's still annoying.
  8. MrJoseph

    Sponsored mods on consoles

    Lord, I hope not! Have you seen the backlash they're getting for the way they've handled that? Mods should probably stay free for now, even if just to avoid association. Bringing mods to consoles is a good idea, sure! Just have a curated selection of free mods would be my two cents.
  9. MrJoseph

    New Dino Ideas

    Christ Hell no!!!! Anyways, there's already a thread for this - pinned to the top of the suggestions section
  10. MrJoseph

    Fix your game before you add more!

    I second @Kinte I think I've said this before in this forum, but it's not as though they have only one guy working on the game. Now that Ark has hit full retail launch, I suspect optimisations will come in the following months. There is no point in optimising an unfinished game, only to add more stuff later and break everything again - it's wasted effort. They probably have one team working on bits for Aberration, and another team dedicated to fixing bugs - or so I would speculate. Again, for me, the game has never run better. It has crashed only once in the last month or so during play, and only a couple of times upon trying to quit (by which point I really don't mind if it crashes! As long as nothing corrupts, which it hasn't.) It's frustrating to play an unfinished game that has bugs that the devs are apparently ignoring*, but if that's too big a problem for you, save yourself some grief by not playing unfinished games. Just wait 'til they're finished. *They aren't.
  11. MrJoseph


    The dev team have finite resources and time. I think they wanted to focus on the core game to get it finished for full retail release first. New ideas will probably get considered/added later on, I'd guess.
  12. MrJoseph


    We already have tripwire-style traps, but yeah, landmines would still be kinda cool. They'd be harder to detect than tripwires and can be placed on open land, whereas tripwires benefit more from placement in a corridor-like setting. Different types of landmines like we have already with the current traps? So narcotic landmines, gas mines, stun mines etc.? Terrible way to phrase a question, but still!
  13. MrJoseph

    To the devs

    Seconded. Would be cool to see some nice aesthetic improvements - particle effects here and there. Someone wearing metal armour, for instance, might cause sparks when hit with something metal, and that kind of thing.
  14. MrJoseph

    Some better balance in single player?

    I agree completely. The game just is NOT balanced for people who wish to play solo. I am not an online multiplayer kind of person. It just isn't my style, which is perfectly acceptable, I like to think. Yet, I love Ark. Such a unique game experience. But playing it in SP has been a constant uphill struggle of adjusting parameters to make it more balanced and... easier, I suppose, but not because the game is too hard for me wah wah wah, but because the game is too hard for me on my own. Let's take some examples; hold my beer, I'm diving in The elephant in the room, in my opinion, is the crafting costs. In what world does something the size of a pickaxe require just one of a resource (metal ingot), yet something that uses around the same amount of metal overall (I would think, or maybe a tiny bit more) - a simple rifle - require ninety-five of the same resource?? This is just ridiculous. I get that the rifle is a powerful device, much more so than a pick, arguably, and so it has to be balanced in some way, but I can think of better ways than that, that don't charge ridiculous material costs. All it does is punish those that don't play online with people who can help split the labour of obtaining materials. Yes, the creatures are far too powerful for a SP'er to take on. Don't get me started on the Giga's 80,000 HP at level 1 - which adds insult to injury when a tamed one suddenly loses 63,000. The player isn't allowed that kind of unstoppableness, but a wild creature IS. A wild creature, I remind you, that only has one natural enemy in the game (plus any number of tames that aren't even close to a fair match against it). Despite all odds, I recently attempted (again, in SP) the easy version of the Broodmother boss. I had never done this before, and I brought with me a modest party of large carnivores - fairly reasonable in size given my solitary power. I brought one Spino, two Rexes and a level 100 Carno (my highest level. She isn't big or powerful, but I thought it was worth a shot). I know this is a boss, and yeah, as some people reading this are fully aware, I was in way over my head. This was the single biggest party I have ever amassed for anything - obviously overpowered for everyday tasks like hunting or what have you, but in my mind, given the time required to tame these guys (assuming I didn't have my taming speed set to 1.5x, as well as the default SP taming speed boost that was added a while back - thanks for that btw), I thought that this should be enough to take on the first boss, on easy setting, with my metal-clad level 99 dude. Why not? Obviously got wrecked. Took a chunk of her health off, but that was more or less it. I can see me now adjusting the difficulty level to let some higher level creatures spawn, but even then, will I have the ability to reasonably obtain the resources to tame them? Probably not. Up goes the taming speed bar again, but that doesn't effect torpor delivery. The difficulty bar does not affect how strong the bosses are. What?! It affects loot quality and wild dino level. Great, so a single player has to set the bar quite low (it defaults to 0.2 I think, which I left it at, to begin with) just so they don't die constantly. However, they are punished for this with weaker loot and weaker dinos that somehow have to still fight the same bosses that are the same strength regardless of where your difficulty slider sits. Remind me, how is this making the game easier? Is that not what the difficulty slider should do? Am I missing something? To summarise: I bring the slider down to make the game easier but am punished because it only makes wild dinos easier to fend off and tame, but they're too weak to do anything with, and the loot quality is too weak to get decent enough gear. It also doesn't affect the strength of bosses or the spawns of OP dinos like Alphas and Gigas. If I ever get into it and get the Ark modding SDK to work, I'd love to have a crack at making a SP enhancer/balance mod. /rant
  15. MrJoseph

    Allow us to pick up more structures

    Hey. I was about to make a suggestion on this forum that was exactly this, but I was a good boy and I searched first. I found that, predictably, this post already exists, so I'm gonna bump it and show my support to this idea instead.